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  1. FrenchBoi

    Road to Simulation

    So it's a limited time of car per day you mean?
  2. Yeah I still have another question but it's not in the topic of the "was there always speed limiters", it's more about what are they doing with cars, in the topic the englishman sent apparently their going to "trial" mode but what would that mean is blurry to me.
  3. FrenchBoi

    Road to Simulation

    So wait we can't use scout cars anymore on simulation? We'll need to do a trial for it? What do they mean by trial? ._.
  4. Ah okay so that's why there is no EU servers anymore and it's just called simulation and arcade, thanks FernandoCR! ^^
  5. Sorry if this is not in the good categories or anything as I'm not a forum user but, was there always speed limiters in truckersmp? Last time I played was in 2018 (and even more before in 2017) and I remember you could go as fast as you'd want, now it seems to be limited to 110 km/h on highways and 60 km/h in cities. Why? Or is it just my memory being bad and it was always limited like this?
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