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  1. It has fewer truckers than does the ETS2, but when you go to somewhere near Seattle and Salt Lake City in US-SIM server at 10 pm ET, you will see many truckers, from what I've seen.
  2. As far as I have experienced, the fastest acceleration truck is Renault T with 750hp engine, cuz it's the combination of the most powerful engine with the least weight.
  3. In one hand, due to the rule update, especially the release of "Road to the Simulation", more trolls are punished and leave the TruckersMP as they are making the game terrible. In another hand, due to the ProMods release, lots of truckers go to Kirkenes Quarry road to experience traffic jams. This two reasons both bring to the result you said. But I think it's the good change that allow safe drivers to drive more safely.
  4. These two regions are both what I expected to be released before announced the SCS, as they contain many features worth purchasing and exploring. For Iberia Peninsula in ETS2, Spain and Portugal are the two countries it contains, with many famous attractions worldwide and beautiful urban areas. One thing I expect SCS to do is to create more symbolic viewpoints that allows people to experience the excitement of being here without buying a flight ticket. Moreover It'd be glad if adding more details to the cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Lisbon. These contents in this upcoming DLC should be better than did the ProMods. The black sea DLC proved the same for us. I believe that SCS will not let us down this time. For Idaho, all I expect is one thing: the Yellow Stone National Park, although Idaho only contains a little part of it. It would definitely be amazing if Yellow Stone is added in this DLC.
  5. Happy Birthday to VIVA Netherlands!




    Thanks @[LKW Tr.] Supreme for taking this wonderful picture with us, @[VIVA] AndyTF for invitation and @Voltera for holding this wonderful event!

  6. Just stay tuned. It should be a good change when we look back at the end of 2020
  7. Suggestion Name: Loading TruckersMP profile avatar in game Suggestion Description: Show TruckersMP profile avatar that is visible for others nearby Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Steam is a very huge gaming platform, which includes tons of the gaming-related communities for both multiplayer games and singleplayer games. Thus, like the VTC from the TruckersMP community, many of the community have their unique logos as the requirement for members to use in game. As a result, due to TruckersMP is using steam avatar to be shown in game, it comes to a dilemma for one existing in many steam-related gaming communities determining which one should be set as the steam avatar. It will definitely be awkward if one uses the VTC logo to join other multiplayer games with others having no ideas with VTC. Hence, if the avatar is only limited to the TruckersMP profile, it will eliminate many confuses from TruckersMP players to choose their avatars.
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