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  1. ets2-20191205-221758-00.png

    Some free-journeys into Bulgaria with VTC members, and we will plan our future convoys within Black Sea dlc very soon 🎉

  2. I select cargo due to the reasons as followed: The route is what I desired and have proper length. The profit/distance rate is somewhat high. The cargo is heavy that could make the job challengeable. The trailer looks good in the combination with my current truck.
  3. We still have many slots to be booked. If you are interested in this event, you're welcome to join our discord server via the link above
  4. What surprised me was the new trailers both ownable and not ownable. And due to the new support of DX11, the graphic quality has been enhanced to a new level. But, due to the high quality of graphics, my computer cannot load the scenarios for me on time when flying fast via CAM 0. Perhaps it should have more optimization. All in all, it's good enough because I'm using my poor laptop :sad:
  5. The thing is, being a GM does not mean showing off that you can drive police car. It's a position full of duties.
  6. Well, I do like all of the maps which worth exploring. Most memorably, I suggest you guys to drive in Salt_Lake City and the mining companies. Those soil roads will be very interesting.
  7. You need to downgrade to v1.35 to play in MP, and Utah is also not supported
  8.                                                                                                  💖WELCOME TO UTAH💖



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