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  1. The Iveco apparently isnt driveable at all? Gives me a kick every time I get in.. Nvm its getting fixed.
  2. I agree. I really love to see a Russian DLC happen, but thats a very subjective opinion. Like you said, they should fill the missing parts first, rework some of the older parts, and then work on a Russian DLC. But we gotta keep in mind that they decide this based on how many players are from these countries. There is a lot of Russian people, but not so many from Balkan, Belarus and Ukraine.
  3. Pretty much everything got said already, but I wanna add one thing: A solution that moves the problem from location A to location B, is not a solution.
  4. Your arguments are entirely invalid. Trolls are going to ram and block anyways. Why would it be much harder to do when the speed limit is capped to 90 instead of 110? They can stand at the side of the road and as soon as they see you, pull out and ram you. Trolls have empty trailers - if you are out trucking you will be having a trailer with goods, therefore they will be able to catch up while you are accelerating to 90. Blocking, wrong direction, reckless and impatient drivers are going to exist regardless of the speed limit. To me it seems like you made this suggestion just cause you follow the speed limit and everyone else should too in your opinion. C'mon man, play singleplayer instead if you dont like taking the risk of getting rammed.
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