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  1. Just started playing ETS and I was having a lot of fun so a friend said I should jump on the multiplayer. I jump on and the only populated servers have a speed limit, check the forum to see how to turn it off and it turns out it's mandatory. So I guess I just missed the boat because this seems to have just been implemented but this totally sucks out any fun I could have had. I mostly enjoy doing urgent deliveries while speeding where I can while still avoiding the intrinsic penalty of losing control of the truck and damaging it or other vehicles or getting speeding fines, this is a fun challenge for me and is the main reason I am enjoying the game right now. That's not to say that I don't also see the appeal of a more relaxing 'by the books' approach but doesn't this speed limit also spoil the fun of being a law abiding driver? I mean what's the point in trying to follow the rules of the road if you literally can't break them? Maybe we should also have the trucks steer themselves too to avoid collisions, just turn the whole thing into a Tesla simulator. Anyway guess it's back to single player with me, I hope this decision will be reversed or at least have one server with and one without since it since looking at the poll 70% of the community disagrees with it in one way or another but at the same time I'm not that invested in this at this point so even if it is I may never know, but hey I created this account so I may as well post with it since I'm not using it to play. Sorry if I come off as overly salty but it's only because I was excited to play in the first place so this really sucks to see.
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