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  1. Hello My question got answered sadly it isn't possible (yet) to solve the problem. Kind regards Marloef
  2. Hello everyone, I've been save editting for a week now and I got so far that I got my own goldhoffer trailer with an excavator on it, the problem with it is that it right now is about a meter above the trailer. Is it possible to solve this with some kind of offset? I tried adding offset: -6 but that causes my game to crash. Any ideas? Thanks for helping.
  3. I get your point if this is not real simulation, but i play euro truck for fun and not for pure sim (i still have many sim option like air brakes and etc f. Also all fo my friends use a 750hp volvo fh16 so i'm always getting ahead of them and then they need to wait and it annoying for them.
  4. Thank you all for posting video's! I'll do it with save editing it seems a very interesting topic since I saw you can also change trailers with it.
  5. Hello everyone, my question is very simple, is it bannable to mod your scania to 750hp? if not what is the best day to do it? Thank you.
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