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    Road to Simulation

    If so then why no more admins?? it would allow for better quality and coverage of the rules enforcement
  2. Om457

    Road to Simulation

    I have to say i won't get into any argument regarding this post, but the lack of democracy on this platform makes me kind of sad, because i like the original idea. I respect everyone here but i think i need give my 50 cents First, the people that cause trouble are not the ones on this forum speaking right now, but cheezy kids doing nonsense without regret. I liked the way it was before because if you had enough/ were tired you could just go to EU1 and chill while listening to the radio or if you wanted some action you could go to EU2 and challenge the D-C route. That's what 80% of the people did; Now, the problem with EU2 wasn't its speed limits; look: I drove my skoda, and pushed it to its limits, but i knew when to do so. I didn't do it all the time, like a **** but only to have fun on an empty road/autobahn. I'm gonna be honest but EU 2 seriously lacked moderation, because of the way it was done. Sitting in the same place for hours won't show you all, but only the upper part of the iceberg. If only there were active patrols or even traffic management, it would have made things go better imo. Speed limits weren't the problem, plus EU2 was intended to be a place for sharing the road both cars and trucks, something not available on any other server. Another problem? lack of personel, with IMO too few mods to monitor the map properly, because we all know mods aren't robots, and so from all the reports only a bunch actually go to an end. it just makes me cry to see the same toxic people ramming into us again, even after reporting and doing what we can. and i'm not taliking about casual accidents, i'm talking about an actual will to drive reckless and cause damage all the time. If you set the limit to the same speed it won't resolve problems; most of the people that were on the new S1 and S2 servers weren't really simulating, just like on EU2. see it's not by making stronger rules that people change, it's by actually being stronger with the ones that break them, or at least the ones who disturb the gameplay of many people. Once you'll have understood that, we'll actually start going forward in a more positive way. I think if we had some sort of level where you have to pass a TMP driving test of some sort/ some skill needed it could help target at least some of the trolls (a bit like driving licenses IRL) where you start with 6/12 points and if you get a certain number of warnings you drop to 0 and can't play. or maybe the ability to let people kick players if they feel it's needed, by voting. Just saying ;-) regards
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