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  1. JvR_05

    I need a GM

    Ok, so i will have to wait then a few days. I did a report against myself because yesterday night i did one thingh wrong and i wanted to know as soon as possible how much time my punishment will be. But i will have to wait to know it then. Thanks.
  2. JvR_05

    I need a GM

    Hello. I need one GM that can help me looking my last report. I really apreciate if you do it. Sorry for those GM that i wrote trough PM. Thanks and excuse me.
  3. JvR_05

    Trailer mod allowed

    Ok thanks you . Yes, it is. See you on the road!!! =))
  4. JvR_05

    Trailer mod allowed

    Hello. I want to know if this trailers mod are allowed for using it on MP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1659765007 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677640255&searchtext= Sorry ask too much about this type of topics, but as i said ion other post, i want to be 100% sure about dont do something agaisnt the rules (too many hour expendend for being banned for this). Sorry if my english is not perfect. Thnaks Its says that works on MP but i have read on the rule to ask for confirmation
  5. JvR_05

    Man Lions Power Skin

    Solved. Thanks =)
  6. Hello I found a mod that allow to use the power skin of 8x4 man's chassi in to the 4x2 chassi. This is using a .scs file in single player. Can i get banned? It only modifie the skin, no light, no beacons are added. Thanks.
  7. JvR_05

    Man Lions Power Skin

    Hi. How are you? I would like to know if i can be banned by using a mod to set the lion power skin (only available for 8x4 chassis) in a 4x2 chassi. I know you cant get banned by save editing paintjobs, but by using a mod (.scs file) to enable it on single player and later on disabled for mp, can you get in trouble? I dont know too much about modding Thanks =).
  8. JvR_05

    Is NVIDIA Freestyle supported and allowed?

    If an admin / game moderator can confirm what Gromm has said, it would be solved for me, because i dont want to have any chance to be banned cause that. Thanks.
  9. So, can i use it? Thanks.
  10. JvR_05

    Freeze game again

    No i am not. I only play in one monitor.
  11. JvR_05

    Freeze game again

    Please anyone to solve my problem? I try all. I reinstall the game and the mod. I veryfied game cache, i reinstall drirect x i uptated graphic card drivers,...
  12. JvR_05

    Freeze game again

    Hello again. My game stop in SP and Mp, could you help me please? <WARNING> Forcing histogram queries to finish. this is the error
  13. JvR_05

    Freeze game

    I think is solved, but if the game freezes again, i will contact you. Thanks =)
  14. JvR_05

    Can i change my ETS2MP profile name?

    Solved THANKS =))
  15. JvR_05

    Can i change my ETS2MP profile name?

    But i can because it says that my current password is wrong, but it isnt wrong Your current password is incorrect