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  8. Yea, that's kinda true, but there is no option for the horn sounds. IIRC, you can only adjust the volume of the whole ambient sounds, which also includes the traffic sounds etc.. Yup, this is exactly what I mean
  9. Yes, that's also true... maybe create a chat ban system? That could also stop the trolls in voice chat from screaming all the time. Like, you do something wrong in voice chat OR text chat = you get banned from both chats or something like that...
  10. Suggestion Name: Possibility to adjust the horn volume Suggestion Description: I think there should be a way to adjust the volume of the horn. Currently, you can only switch the horn on or off. Why it should be added: When you are in busy areas or there is a traffic jam, many people start honking. However, the horn is so loud that you sometimes have to switch off the horn sound completely. It would be more convenient if, in addition to the option to switch off the horn sounds, you also had the option to adjust the volume.
  11. Oh yea that's true, especially when they spam the whole chat and you see the same message 3 times in a minute.
  12. Well for me it's not a big deal. I know how and when to downgrade the version. But on the Discord server you can see many people having issues, because they don't know that they have to downgrade. You can simply download it from the website: Download — TruckersMP
  13. Suggestion Name: Show supported version number if installed version is unsupported Suggestion Description: Currently, you have to look up the supported version on an extra tab in the new launcher. Many people don't know that you can find it there. Maybe it could be helpful that when you see the hint "Unsupported Version installed", the supported version also appears. Any example images: Before vs. After: https://imgur.com/a/r2jpEE2 Why should it be added?: As you can see on Discord, for example, many people are confused that they can't launch TruckersMP anymore and ask why that is. Maybe as a workaround you can also give a hint that SCS has released a new update so that people are not confused anymore.
  14. Seems like it doesn't work with the new TMP launcher, but switching back to the old launcher, the mod is working again. That's because the installation path changed from C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\ to %APPDATA%\TruckersMP\installation SOLUTION: To make it work in the new launcher again, go into C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data and copy the folders: ats_mod, ets2_mod and shared_mod. Then you press WIN+R and enter: %appdata%\TruckersMP\installation\data. Just copy the mentioned folders into this path and start the game.
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