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    Me gusta llevarme bien con todos, Soy una persona que no guarda rencor y que siempre esta tratando de ayudar
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  1. Hello and welcome! OCU and Argentine Express want to invite everyone, join our convoy! This event will take place on Friday 30-10-2020! Information Departure city: Nuremberg (City) Arrival city: Turin - (City) Meeting time: 21hs (UTC -3) Departure time: 22hs (UTC -3) TIME AREA: https://notime.zone/MIUyUQrqejaWm Server: OCU OFFICIAL EXP ARGENTINO Secondary Server : Simulation [US] To register your company in the convoy you must enter the following link (It is important that all members of your company attend that convoy register so that we can request a private server and the convoy is better developed) https://ets2c.com/view/88149/jcgamer-nurnberg-truck-dealer Convoy rules • Do not exceed during the convoy. • Triple towing is not allowed. • Do not carry heavy loads. • In the event of an accident, delay or lack of fuel, affected users must go after the entire convoy. • All other official TruckersMP rules apply. Cordial greetings OCU & EXP ARGENTINO Route https://imgur.com/a/LZ3BrHW LINK: OCU https://discord.gg/HWk48Eb ENLACES EXP ARGENTINO https://expresoargentinovtc.ga/ | https://truckersmp.com/vtc/11143 | https://www.facebook.com/ExpresoArgentinooficial/


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