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Status Updates posted by Winter~

  1. Thought to change my cover photo since its been a while. The picture taken during my exploration in Pro mods.


    "Our Pries Journey stays strong regardless of any problems/ obstruction caused in our journey. The Best is the least we can do"




  2. When I think of my dreams, I dream about skies. The dreams associated with sky indicate my spiritual feelings and state of mind. ...

    Flying up above the sky indicates your desire to break free, feel the freedom and experience the heavenly world from the top.





  3. Real friendship is born in the heart and it remains there forever. Who is the best friend? It is the person, with whom you can be silly, intelligent, funny, serious, calm or nervous, happy or sad, but you always feel comfortable with this person.


    @TARK777 was one of those friends to me. I am proud to call you my friend and it doesn’t matter what happens in life, I can always count on you. It doesn’t matter how much time we spend together, it will always be not enough for me cause you were one person that me and everyone in here never wants to fade away.


    I still miss you in our team and I know everyone working with me as well. We still hope that you will be back with us as always :) . 


    With a good note , I wish you all the best for the upcoming days and stay safe. We are always here for you and with you . Pries is our home and you are always welcomed ❤️.


                                                                                                    Last Sortie with you Tark





                                                A small gift from my side, a pic when I made for you while performing my duties. ❤️ 






    By your friend Winter~


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    2. Winter~
    3. GEMINI.


      @Winter~Wow! Wow! Wow! I am truly honored to have gotten to know you and been with you on your journey sadly mine has come to an end , but thanks for the well wishes! I hope only the best for your future within the community. 


      Thinking back to when you joined Pries , I mentioned to you during one of our plenty conversations how elated I was that you've joined them, simply for the reason that you were my first friend I made in the Trucking Community. And I am glad we have been ablet to support one VTC together again! To put it lightly we really do go back dude. It's been an honor just getting to know you! Will surely miss you dearly my friend! ❤

    4. Winter~

    For my Sister,


    We all know how important is each family member in our life. Especially when you have a brother or sister , you will be engaged with your life with all types of memories like fighting,playing & all sorts of activities which you experience with each other. It makes you feel happy whenever you think about it. 


    My sister was the gift I never asked for, but always wanted. But when I lost her & when she went far away from me where I can never reach, my heart stopped , my happiness went away from me. She left me at my childhood leaving her memories to me. Without my sister, my life will be like a book without page numbers. Every single moment of my life was for her and is for her as I still believe she is with me in my heart. She is a never ending love for me.  


    People always ask me why I love cherry blossoms so much. It is because she is one of my cherry blossom who cherishes with happiness and love for me ❤️ . 


    For my every step in my career she guided me with her presence and caring. 


    If I ever could get a chance to show how much I loved her I would have shown my entire life. The years I had with my sister will always be more memorable than the years she's been gone.


    But I would be never alone as she is always in my heart guiding me and protecting me like an angel ?. Thank you for everything you have been to me and everything you are ❤️.




    A small secret drive ?


    #PriesDrive  #Wintyyymood



  6. Starting my new journey & story with Pries Team :)




  7. With some rain action :D ☂️



    1. Judha_


      nice truck & trailer ?

    2. Winter~


      Thank you @Judha_ ❤️ 

  8. One of my favorite season to drive with my Artic X ❤️ 





  9. One of my favourite time to drive, Just when the natural lights begins to dim and city lights lit up. ?





  10. My first drive after I updated the game yesterday. Flowing like a wind :D 



  11. Thank you for your follow ❤️ 


    1. Szacun


      You're welcome!♥

  12. Thanks for the follow shankar :) !!

  13. Thanks for the follow @cookieskobe1 :) 


    Had a small drive and some fun with my VTC mate @Jacow20. Enjoyed the day :D .



  15. Thanks for the follow @Judha_ ❤️ 

    1. Judha_


      you're welcome @Winter~

  16. Happy Birthday , Enjoy your day :)

  17. Happy Birthday ?. Have a Good one :) 

    1. Judha_



               Thank you!

  18. Surfing through Viva La France ?



    1. Winter~


      Thank you Lin ❤️ 

    2. jackspero14


      GOD DANM!! You are nice photo taker ?❤️

    3. Winter~


      Haha , thank you @[VIVA] jackspero14❤️


  19. Congrats, Good luck :) 

  20. Happy Birthday Suleyman53. Enjoy this day ❤️ .

    1. Suleyman.53


      Thank you very much :wub:

  21. The cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. A visual reminder of how precious and how precarious life is ❤️



  22. Congrats ?, Good luck :)

  23. Learning new things everyday. 



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