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  1. Greetings everyone,

    Tomorrow is really an important day for us in Himalayan where we are having our 1 Year Convoy. I still remember my decision to join Himalayan with a dedication to help them out from any means I can. Seeing this day for me is something more than special. Have a lot of words to say about everything but everything ends with me enjoying more & more being within this team. I would need nothing more but then being surrounded by my amazing friends - @ReacherK @super37s @-Elvis- & many more if to mention who just helps & supports me in just almost everything. I would not need anything but a friendship which can make me smile every time I see cause nothing is more important than the happiness you can get when you are within a group of people.

    The another reason for tomorrow being important day was the birthday of my great friend @ReacherK. Talking about him, Absolutely a great friend you can trust & also someone you can rely on when you need support. Being my CEO, I never had a chance where I could have been disappointed by him cause every time he in fact amazes me with his friendship & care a team member would give you. Be the best as you are Reacher, A lot of respect & proud to be working along side you.

    Happy Birthday buddy, Hope you enjoy this day! ❤️ 


    Convoy link : https://truckersmp.com/events/3094-himalayan-logistics-one-year-anniversary






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    2. Meto5


      Nice photo!

    3. ReacherK
    4. -Elvis-


      no problem sir , When I say to you your a special person I truly mean that you really are an amazing person .. Not a bad bone in your body - Meaning your truly a genuine person with no motive just a outstanding friend who I have a lot time for thankyou for everything and being there for me . your such a valuable asset to Himalayan your one in a million bro thankyou for everything you do you truly mean a lot to me ❤️ 


      Regarding Himalayan I am super happy to see the VTC reach one year I remember when it was called go green before Himalayan started I never thought it would grow into this and it truly has turned into something special I have been friends with winter & @ReacherK & @super37s @Arnav many others in there . Seeing it grow from the start has been amazing even though I am not in the VTC and I do not speak their main language of Hindi, Himalayan have always been great friends to me as well as always welcoming me in the discord/voice chanels & that truly means a lot to me so I am so thankful to them & I really wish them more years to come because these guys deserve it and they always try to do the best they can for the vtc & community there's not many like these people who try to do the best for the community not just for the numbers or to be the best. congrats on one year !!! ?

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