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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. Actually, it is important, you're just taking what you want from it to try and prove your points here
  3. That's what it seems, but what you failed to include in your image were the people who still disagreed with the changes and added their own suggestions. http://prntscr.com/ods1l5
  4. The difference there is that the "majority" don't play this game to crash into other people all the time, but they enjoy an occasional crash to "spice" up their experience, which is pretty common because the physics in this game is pretty whack. I understand trolls and idiots are an issue but reducing the speed limit is not going to stop most trolls, just give them less of an experience.
  5. I was referring to what the simulation players like to say to people who disagree with the update "No one" referring to the majority of truckersmp players Yes, because this update was against the majority of the community's opinion.
  6. That is what has happened, is happening, and will happen forever unless there is some sort of change. I don't like how trolls collide at other's expense, hence why i dislike the update and want a compromise so all demographics can enjoy themselves.
  7. The past 25 pages have just been people saying "if YoU WanT To DRivE FaSt gO oN tHE ARCaDe sERVer!!!11111" and i still don't understand how some people don't realize that people are not going to go to the arcade servers, because they're trash. No one wants to play without collisions, even if there isn't a speed limit. This update is not stopping trolls or reckless drivers. They want to have fun and collide with other people, that's why they play multiplayer. What you think was such a great update just makes them collide at a lower speed - which sure makes the people who enjoy complete simulation happy, but doesn't make anyone else happy. You aren't stopping trolls - you can't do that. TL;DR - this update is pointless and it sucks and was not what the majority of people wanted
  8. people are crying because the people who enjoy the real life simulation have fun but no one else gets to have fun anymore
  9. There is no part that forbids fun in ETS2, so I don’t understand why TMP is doing it.
  10. Which part of ETS2 means “No fun?”
  11. Want to have some fun speeding? Sorry, no collisions for you. Want to play with collisions on? Sorry, you have to drive like an 88 year old grandmother. Couldn’t have picked a worse time to get back into this community.
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