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  1. Had the same problem after enabling hardest parking level. The only way to learn is to practice and to find here a thread about parking doubles
  2. I mostly use singles, but take either B-double or Scandinavian double occasionally. It's also funny to drive around with a single-axle dryvan
  3. As I noticed in MP, folks usually stick to either Volvo, Scania or Mercedes. I also change trucks from time to time, but my favorites are MAN TGX Euro 6, Renault Magnum and Mercedes Actros MP3.
  4. I think that every DLC area except Going East is suitable for peaceful driving away from trolls. I prefer Italia which seems to me the most beautiful DLC. But a bit of chaos may be something funny after seeing one truck per 5 minutes.
  5. Guess we'll remind that congested Duisburg when the chaos moves somewhere else again
  6. Must be great to see that truck in game. Maybe the 1848T will accompany the F-Max as a cheap starter model.
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