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  1. Awesome. Always wanted to customize my Actros MP3 with some plastic bumpers and fenders.
  2. Had the same problem after enabling hardest parking level. The only way to learn is to practice and to find here a thread about parking doubles
  3. I mostly use singles, but take either B-double or Scandinavian double occasionally. It's also funny to drive around with a single-axle dryvan
  4. As I noticed in MP, folks usually stick to either Volvo, Scania or Mercedes. I also change trucks from time to time, but my favorites are MAN TGX Euro 6, Renault Magnum and Mercedes Actros MP3.
  5. I like both France and Italy, probably the best map expansions ever made.
  6. I think that every DLC area except Going East is suitable for peaceful driving away from trolls. I prefer Italia which seems to me the most beautiful DLC. But a bit of chaos may be something funny after seeing one truck per 5 minutes.
  7. Guess we'll remind that congested Duisburg when the chaos moves somewhere else again
  8. Must be great to see that truck in game. Maybe the 1848T will accompany the F-Max as a cheap starter model.
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