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  1. I think everything was better before the update. The people who strictly adhere to the rules went to EU1. The people who want to drive without a speed limit have ridden on EU2. But almost everyone knows that playing on EU2, where there are many trollers (which is no justification for reckless driving). However, I do not understand then, why the decent players provide for a general speed limit, although the solution is so easy and then they drive on EU1? By the way, EU1 players could drive 90 kmh. After the update, you can drive 110 km / h. And something is called "simulation"? Do you realize that the whole thing is more unrealistic than before? In my opinion, will be punished with the update EU1 and EU2 players.
  2. Lets say it like this, On the one hand, this update is very good for us. Thanks to the speed limit of 60 km / h in urban areas and 110 km / h outside, the accident rate will drop significantly. Also, in general, we no longer have to be so scared of being rammed by some trolls or anything like that. Looked at on the other side, there are people who can drive at a speed of 140 km / h, 150 km / h or anything else safely without deliberately ramming. Or if the freeway is free and there is no truck in sight, you can easily step on the gas pedal a bit more. And that's the point that will surely piss off some players, sorry for that phrase. And the arcade servers make you feel like an idiot. You can drive as fast as you want, you can not ram anyone, and you can not be banned (insults etc. excluded). The arcade servers I feel as if it was an EU2 "replacement" for Trolls. To summarize it: We have to separate the good, experienced players from the bad ones. Therefore, I think the new update rather for a stopgap, not a permanent solution. Nevertheless, I wish you a pleasant day
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