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  1. The horn is fixed now as far as I know
  2. Lucas_17b

    COVID Vaccine

    I haven't got COVID-19 yet, and the vaccins are only available for doctors and people that work in the hospitals. Somewhere between May - September, the rest of my country gets vaccined. At least, that's the planning
  3. I find SP pretty boring, so of course I'll go for TruckersMP xD
  4. Thanks for the follow!

  5. I won't buy it right after it comes out, I'll see when I'm gonna buy it. I firstly want Viva la France before getting Iberia I highly doubt that you can buy it now xD
  6. My biggest pet peeve is when someone is purposely blocking, I hate that the most
  7. Lucas_17b

    More cars

    I still disagree with it. If the cars get removed, then those players will get in a truck and do the same, as long as they can ruin other players' experience.
  8. 1. How do you react to passersby? Do you honk, flash lights, chat, etc? I mostly flash light at them, but sometimes I horn. 2. In your experience, how do passersby react to you? Any reaction at all? If I horn or flash light at them first, half of them do the same back. But the other half doesn't do anything. 3. What is your opinion on this practice? Do you enjoy it? Do you hate it? It's really nice to see that truckers horn or flash light at each other to say hi. That makes the community amazing! It cheers me up when someone horns at me
  9. C-D Road of course! Nah, I'm kidding. My fav place is Sardinia, Italy
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