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  1. Smh, blame TMP for not having enough space to add them both into 1 poll
  2. Loexie


    Did you really think TMP didn't have developers? How would TMP exists without developers lmao. A game or modification can't exists without 1 developer or more.
  3. Loexie


    There are more updates because we have fulltime Game Developers, so they have more time to work on the modification. And because of that, the updates are coming faster.
  4. To be honest, I don't think anything will change. SCS Software put 1.42 in beta for both ATS and ETS2 and mods will be supported for Convoy Mode in 1.42. So if those season mods will be supported as well, I doubt that's gonna be a reason the players will come back
  5. EU: all the missing countries Other: Brazil (I don't really want countries outside Europe, but if I have to pick a country outside Europe, it'll be Brazil)
  6. Loexie

    C-D Road in ATS

    I asked for an opinion, not for facts btw lmao
  7. There are also only around 2700 players playing in the weekend, usually it would be 3500+ so I don't think it's only bc of school and work I am starting to doubt the players we'll hit 8k players at peak time, for at least this year
  8. I would stick in singleplayer then xD I hope you and your friends know the map is bigger than only the populated areas. There are plenty of normal drivers on the empty areas such as map DLCs.
  9. Loexie

    C-D Road in ATS

    Yes, I know that
  10. You'll never see me applying for ET, mainly because I don't like organizing things
  11. Loexie

    C-D Road in ATS

    True, but less chaotic
  12. Loexie

    C-D Road in ATS

    Since ATS is less popular than ETS2, I have an interesting question for y'all. Do y'all want a C-D Road look-a-like in ATS? The road will be the same as in ETS2: congested, chaotic and filled with trolls. I am curious about y'all thoughts.
  13. Loexie

    New DLC

    It's my favourite cargo pack in ETS2 and ATS so far Then the other cargo packs can be cheaper as well
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