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  1. Same here, i use the winter physic mod and was surprised that i can't drift. just the distance to stop the truck is much longer. sorry, but the actually tmp winter physic mod sucks!
  2. when comes update with 1.43 Support?
  3. Good idea but it would be better when we can use our own trailer
  4. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉

  5. Happy birthday!🎉

  6. TMP is still in trouble. before SCS Convoy round about 4000 players at the peak time, after SCS Convy only round about 1900 player at the peak time. nearly 50% less people than before.
  7. SCSMP all the way TMP only for ProMods
  8. I played round about 20 hours in SCS Convoy with my friends. I'm serious, i don't miss TMP because i drove in TMP also only with my friends. In TMP you will never see the other players who come towards you again anyway. In Convoy i can drive with my friends with AI cars and have a lot of fun, without any trolls who screaming in CB, road blocking, crashing, reckless driving or thousands of miles of empty roads like in TMP. In future i will use TMP only for ProMods Server to drive ProMods with my friends. When SCS updates convoy and mods are supported in Convoy, then i also don't need TMP ProMods.
  9. Mal mit nem Kumpel im offiziellen SCS Multiplayer unterwegs nach Utah gewesen.
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