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  1. Hello from Indonesia, It is nice that now you create the simulation room for us. But like in the real life trucking. Sometimes, you have a bad driver, crash, past the speed limit etc etc. That will create a very nice truck driving experience. So what I am thinking is to leave the speed limit as it is 150km/h. What TMP should do is to have the same auto kick system like when we don't turn on the light after 6.00PM. You may free to determine how many second but I think 15 seconds warning is more than enough for a speeder to slower his truck. The second is if you decide to have an arcade server with collision, please apply the same rules as in the simulation except the speed limiter. Why? Because if you don't apply driving rules, then we are going to have an ETS2 wreckfest than a full speed trucking experience. Those bullies will enjoy smashing, ramming others without any reason. That's my opinion. Thanks
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