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  1. Unless you're strapping down loads manually, filling your tanks with an actual fuel bowser and recording your logbooks and handing them to your supervisor, you CANNOT dictate what others can do in a GAME! I get that it is Truck "Simulator" but it's not really. It's a simulation in the sense that you can drive trucks around city and countryside and deliver loads but that's where the similarities end. It's impossible to have an overweight load detected at the weight stations (illegal but it happens in RL), no random load inspections, no police RBT's, the list goes on. You can't simply say "You can't do this because it's meant to be a simulator" when the GAME does not simulate ALL real-world scenarios. It is a GAME, not a true-to-life simulator. Some people just don't understand the difference.
  2. Will be looking forward to Infinite Truckers after this implementation. This can't be regarded as a true sim as not every load will pass the Inspection point. If you want a real truck sim, go become a truck driver, simple! There is no Arcade server for US either so no we can't just play in an Arcade server when one doesn't exist. Bye bye TMP. P.S. For the White Knight Soyboys who will defend TMP until their last breath, I won't reply to you so don't waste your time.
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