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  1. Thank You Everyone for the help i can log in to pro mods now on mp
  2. Hi I Need Some Help I got the right files for pro mods but when i log in to truckers mp it says that i need one or more files but i got all of the flies that is need to run Pro Mods In Mp and btw i brought pro mods so all the files are included Many Thanks Busman 2003
  3. Yes I Did as i just said it load fine in single player is just truckers mp that is coursing a problem and btw i brought pro mods so every file was there and yes i did downloaded the DAF File separately
  4. Help! i download everything they asked went in to single player to see if it was working and it was but when i go on to truckers mp it says it cant find any mods for promods
  5. OK I have big problems with this update! 1. Why Did you not warned people a couple of days ago and telling people that the big update will happen in the next couple of days but NO you didn't and you just push the update out with out even telling no one 2. Why Put a speed limit on the server when in the cites you can only drive at 80 kph .Now you are making people to drive at 110 kph/68mph on the Motorway/Country roads . i used to like driving at 150 Kph down the motorway because in real life you cant do that. Now you have taken that way from me and now i have to go at 110 kph down the motorway which i will find so boring and not fun at all . 3. Because of this i have taken the decision to limit my time on truckers mp for Convoys ,Official Events Which i find a real shame because in my free time i use to like playing on truckers mp but because of this new update that is the decision i have to take . 4. I Will try the new Arcade Server But at this moment of writing this i Dont feel like playing on Arcade servers If You have any questions what i just posted feel free to contact me and i will be happy to reply . -Busman 2003
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