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  1. Everyone will decide for himself which of us is right, but you need to take into account the opinion of all players. I think we need a middle server between the arcade and the simulation. You have nothing to fear, your server with the simulation will always be, but I, and most of the players are now forced to play on these servers, and put before the choice: speed or conflict
  2. Каждый сам для себя решит, кто из нас прав, но нужно учитывать мнение всех игроков. Я думаю, нам нужен средний сервер между аркадой и симуляцией. Вам бояться нечего, ваш сервер с симулятором будет всегда, но я, как и большинство игроков, теперь вынужден играть на этих серверах, и ставлю перед выбором: скорость или конфликт
  3. You don't tell me what to play and how. I might as well say, " For simulation was EU1, want simulation ? was going to be, but no, you played EU2, like everyone else. I play on EU2, I had, up to this point. And how do you know I'm ramming others or not ? How accurate and professional am I ? You do not know and draw conclusions
  4. I was hurt by this update, before the introduction of the 150 km/h limit, I drove my truck 170 km/h without problems. After you have entered a limit of 150 km/h, this is normal, since most no longer accelerates. I believe that you need to either return the limit of 150 km/h at least one server simulation, or add a conflict at least one server arcade. If this does not happen, I will be forced to leave the project, as this style of play does not suit me. ( Wrote through translator )
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