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  1. In my opinion, most people and most of the issues people are complaining about right now with ATSMP would be easily resolved by just giving ATS an arcade server. Same way ETS2 got an arcade server. In this way, the people that want to abide by speed limits and play closer to simulation version of the game can go on the simulation servers and those that want a more uncapped game similar to singleplayer can have their arcade server and go as fast as they like without the consequence of collisions. Also the argument I keep hearing from a lot of TMP staff about not implementing such a server for ATSMP is because of server population and demand. But that being said I still don't understand why ETS2MP needs to have 2 arcade servers with a max population of 2300 when I personally have yet to see a single one of the arcade servers reach anywhere near the 2300 max that is setup. I can understand the 2 simulation servers since those do get pretty filled though.
  2. If the answer you want to provide isn't one of the choices that you can select, leave a comment on a suggestion that you think would be better than the options provided. Edit: Please keep any discussions civil and make sure that you fill out an actual feedback ticket in order to see actual change in the mod.
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