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  1. I always try to overtake on the left if possible
  2. I never said to have more mods I was just saying a point that hadn't been said.
  3. I wasn't accusing the staff of anything I was giving information and i have read that stuff i just think it will move the problem and not fix it.
  4. @Joao Rodrigues Have you looked at the ratio for game mods to players, there just over a hundred people who have the power to do anything about the "trolls" and there are on average 9000 to 10000 users on the game every day. The staff can only do so much for the issue, think about that for a bit. The other thing is every staff member is here because they want to be not because someone is making them, they have lives outside of this like the rest of us.
  5. Lego181


    Unfortunately you can not buy heavy cargo pack or high power cargo pack trailers in the game without using mods.
  6. Looks like Batman wants be be a villain now or he wanted a cool picture of him self
  7. Lego181

    Weird sound

    The sound you are hearing is someones lift axel going up or down this sound has been known to sometimes not stop for other Players
  8. I don't tend to listen to music and drive in the game.
  9. I think that is a cool thought but there should also be a way of switching seats so the driver and take a break while the passenger drives.
  10. Great job thanks for the insight on trucker hours very interesting.
  11. I'v ran out fuel twice the first I used f7 the second time I managed to cost on a very hilly road to a gas station in ets2.
  12. In the long term my goal is to become a GM but for now my goal os to have fun with the other people that enjoy trucking.
  13. Lego181

    Truck or car?

    Truck its a game about truck driving
  14. @CptJacker You may play the game how you want to play it, you are doing nothing wrong in by driving how you would in real life. if any thing your playing the game how its supposed to be played, I think your a good example and other players should do the same.
  15. The scout car was originally added to be a admin vehicle tmp was nice to add in a a version for everybody to use so i see no point in having another non-truck vehicle in a trucking based game.
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