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  1. Here, I have to state a big issue which most Chinese players meet if using these systems such as ets2c.com, trucky.events, and trucksbook.eu/convoys. After I tried ETS2C and trucky.events, and trucksbook.eu, I do acknowledge that the first two are great systems which can be used to publish events, and allow players to register to show how many players will attend an event easily and clearly. Trucksbook.eu needs Premium if you would like to publish events(convoys). Therefore, I will not talk about trucksbook.eu in the following text. When players need to apply their atte
  2. I would like to know whether there is a way to check an organizer is considered as described in the rules of exception, who are known to consistently meet the requirements by TruckersMP Official.
  3. Welcome back!!!!!! (。・∀・)ノ
    I was even browsing your profile two days ago, and thinking whether you would come back someday. At present, I heard that you have come back just now, which made me very glad. I wish you the best in TruckersMP Staff Team!

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