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  1. Scout got better but it would be even better if it cant push over 80+ ton truck + trailer (car is normally around 1-2 tons)
  2. Mostly my volvo powered brakes are better then the car ones but they act like motorcycles indeed
  3. Yea if they had normal physics they would be fine. I want multiplayer
  4. I go to bussy area's because i want multiplayer. Cars are useless in the game (appart from the police). Exactly.
  5. Yea that's the easy fix. But i want the truckersmp developers to fix things. I do play on eu3 tough
  6. those cars are paper light, have the ramming capebilites of a 200 ton truck. a topspeed of lightspeeds per minute but braking capabilites of permanent ice on summer tires
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