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  1. Hello everybody, I often drive normal Word of Trucks (WoT) deliverlies and it would be an interesting topic to see if deliveries with own trailers are more profitable as deliveries with normal World of Trucks deliveries. Even a lot Players use own Trailers , even because their cool, but do you get that much more money with it? Just write your opinion below! Can't wait to read your opinions!
  2. Augsburg (Germany)
  3. Great explanation! I wish someone told me how the Škoda works.
  4. shyly_Dude


    I agree that horn spamming is dumb. I think that 5 seconds would be too less. If there's someone who spams over 15-20 seconds you could kick him from the server. The other hand is that it's (like many others said) just a horn and nothing that hurts you as a person (rip players with headset who get horn spamming), your truck or your load. I think it is a good idea to get this kick when you spam horn but I think that it should kick you after 15-20 seconds.
  5. I use the G920 with shifter from Logitech. You have a lot of buttons to use, you have a wheel with a good quality and you don't Need to worry that you've got the Wheel in your hands in a bad situation. Everyone does prefer another wheel but may SCS save the players with keyboards. They've got the hardest problems I think.
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