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  1. I wish you all the best for your today too. Happy Birthday 🎂

  2. If I may say, TMP should always support season mods because they make the multiplayer even more enjoyable and pleasant to play. I started adding the season mod supported by TMP the last spring and the game and cities got so much more beautiful. Thank you TMP for supporting season mods. We do appreciate it.
  3. No matter they are driving. There are idiots driving trucks and cars as there are good drivers who drive car and trucks, too. I drive both and I enjoy the experience of driving both of them. The other day I was driving a car and as long as I was waiting for the green light to come a trucker crashed me at full speed. So, it's not only car drivers, but a lot and a lot of truckers also drive very crazy crashing everyone.
  4. I cannot wait until TMP and ProMods update it.
  5. Wow!! Thank you so much TMP. It's an amazing mod. Thank you again :)
  6. Na verdade, diminuir a velocidade não vai resolver em nada as contantes batidas e acidentes na via C-D. A velocidade foi diminuída para 110 km/h e, no entanto, os acidentes e batidas continuam acontecendo todos os dias. Aliás, nesse exato momento em que você lê esse meu comentário vários acidentes estão acontecendo. Se a equipe do MP quis com a diminuição da velocidade amenizar os acidentes, esse não foi o caminho certo.
  7. Thanks for follow

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