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  1. Sorry if this was already answered but why is the Promods server removed from the list? Also a friend can't start the game, it crashes with a "Fatal error". Anyone else with the problem? Any way to troubleshoot it? Single player works fine.
  2. Regarding the AI issues, couldn't you have a separate server for AI and make it so an older version of ETS2 (that doesn't have the breaking changes) is required to play on it?
  3. I dislike trolls as much as everyone else but considering the abuse of power I've seen from some admins this has me worried.
  4. z411

    Road to Simulation

    Honestly just add collisions to one arcade server and don't bother to moderate it. People who want a simulation with strict rules will go to simulation and those who want absolute chaos will stop bothering everyone in simulation and go to arcade. People who like simulation would be happy without the reckless drivers and the reckless drivers would be happy in a server without moderation to do as they please. The reason why reckless drivers don't go to the arcade server is because playing without collisions is simply boring and defeats the whole point of a multiplayer game.
  5. z411

    Road to Simulation

    I don't have a particular stance on this but how is that not a valid reason? Wanting collisions doesn't mean that you want to go around crashing into people, it means that you want the feeling that the other players are actually there sharing your physical space, and the thrill of having to avoid colliding with them, which I think is fundamental in a multiplayer environment.
  6. z411

    Road to Simulation

    I think we're seeing the issue too much in a black and white light (aka "arcade" players vs "simulator" players) when in reality it seemed to me that many people just preferred a balance between the two. We are many but not enough to warrant dividing the community, and EU#2 managed to accommodate a balance between both play styles, employing a relative high speed limit together with strict rules, which is why most people went to EU#2 and to C-D despite the chaos.
  7. z411

    Road to Simulation

    I really like playing ETS as a simulator so I'm really glad and I'm on board with the staff's sentiment of improving the simulation experience for everyone, but I don't think speed limiting is the way to go. Trolls and people who can't drive are a minority; annoying yes, but still a minority, and this feels like punishing everyone for the deeds of that minority. Sometimes I need higher speeds to catch up with people in a convoy, or some jobs have me go to some deserted routes that are better done quickly, so I feel like I'm being punished for what trolls do. Besides, people who drive well will drive well no matter what speed limit, and people who can't will still ram into others, overtake recklessly, etc. even if there's a speed limit. So I don't think it'd improve things that much. But we have to see. In my view a better solution would be to have more moderators in-game, since every report I've sent in-game has been ignored so far except for one (although web reporting works very well! But not everyone has the time to prepare video evidence for every single thing that happens so they go unnoticed). But we have to see, maybe things will improve. I think experimenting is good.
  8. Syncing the traffic indeed sounds like a really hard issue, I wonder how they're making that work.
  9. I'm getting ATS soon, just to confirm, I'm assuming I need to get the Washington DLC for this convoy?
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