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  1. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  2. Hi thanks I have recently solved this issue it just took a lot longer to active on his account !
  3. Hi guys my friend has bought ats last night it wouldnt let him register it it kept saying we are checking come back in a few minutes an hour or 2 later it still hasn't worked he has 9 hours played on the Game tried this morning and still says the same thing could anyone help please ? Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  4. Wow this is pretty cool ! Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  5. Thanks for the into happy new year!
  6. Hi I am not sure what the fix would be but I could reccoemd a solution and that is to make sure your PC is fully updated and try reinstalling MP then running as an Amdinastrator hope this helps Happy new year! Regards Amnotanormalkid
  7. Hi guys due to the steam sales and people buying euro truck there are a large amount of new players connection and the servers are being overloaded causing people to be disconnected am sure this is being sorted out Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  8. Tanner as said above the servers are under alot of pressure due to the large amount of new players connecting from the steam sales so the servers are being overloaded am sure they are sorting this out just sit tight Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  9. Well the phrase WTF stands for What the fu** and that is swearing weather you intend it to mean a swear word it does so the support are right it is stated in the rules you cannot have rude language or phrases and this is there mod and can state what ever they feel like weather you think it's right or not they are there to help everyone not be against everyone hope your problem gets resolved Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  10. Hi you are not the only person having this problem the servers are overloaded due to the recent new flow of players from the steam sales the problem am sure is being worked on and will be resolved soon just sit tight Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  11. Hi yes as said above make sure the logitech profiler is open when in game and if that doesn't fix it make sure your wheel is set to 900° of rotation in your Devices and printers, g27, properties, settings degrees of rotation Happy new year! Regards, Amnotanormalkid
  12. Hi try sleeping to refresh your job market and if you dont have your own truck there are instructions on how to forcefully refresh your Job market using the economy reset (will make sense when googled) this will sort all your problems ! Happy new year, Regards Amnotanormalkid
  13. Wow been needed for a while good work as always
  14. Can only get better with each update !
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