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  1. I have been banned because one guy wouldn't break for me at night! I looked in my mirror but couldn't see very clear so I thought I had enough space to get back in lane and I just hit him a bit but it didn't stop him or anything, I didn't even see that I hit him! if you would made the rules stricter then you are sad! Its just a videogame! Instead of them focusing on rules... maybe they should actually focus on changing gameplay for example limit trucks to 90 and cars to 150..... I would change a few rules... Reduce ban time...
  2. I am not happy with TruckersMP ban system because I have been banned may times and some times I was innocent but the admin was being unfair. I think its not fair to get banned for months or years because sometimes you just crash by accident. They should change it to something better like when you reach 20 ban you get banned forever and like you get 3 months when you get to 10. Also their rules are very strict. They don't allow swearing like its a 4+ game. 8-9 year olds play the game and they swear the most. What would you change in the ban system?
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