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  1. I have verified and they are the same parameters.
  2. No, I'm still waiting for more solutions
  3. That is the only solution so far that worked for me. Several months ago I made the same report on this and it was you who gave me the solution, but I got tired of playing this way and now I am looking for a solution other than the combined pedal (But thank you very much for responding again )
  4. I tried all the options, but none works. Still thanks for your help If you mean those of the game, I did it but it seems that the mistake is in the game. I reinstalled it and it's still like this (Thanks for your input)
  5. Hello truckers! I have a problem with the steering wheel pedals Driving Force GT. The problem is the following: when I enter the game and start the truck, it stays accelerated (as if I was with the throttle locked) I have already checked if my pedals were wrong, but it is the game. (I tried the "Combined" mode but I find it very uncomfortable and inaccurate) Is there any solution other than the combined mode?
  6. No, do not try it, and I have it very big since I started to test if it was downloaded or not (a small error that I overlooked haha)
  7. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my steering wheel "Driving Force GT" referring to the pedals. When I enter free mode, the truck is accelerated (as if it were with the pedal pressed), in the options you can also see that the yellow bar is full. Is it a problem with my pedals or the same game? (PD: In the properties of the steering wheel the accelerator appears normal)
  8. I have a problem that the game was updated and the launcher does not have the necessary version to start it, by hitting "Yes", the launcher gives an error and does not redirect me to the Help section to be able to solve it.
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