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  1. thank you, I follow you more on instagram faceebok or youtube and information from twitter may not reach me
  2. I can not wait. It is already mid-October and no information
  3. Anyone know if real companies from ProMods will also be on MP? Because somewhere I heard that no
  4. Thank you to all participants and the administration for organizing such a great event
  5. I do not know how, but I managed to solve the problem. Subject to be closed
  6. no, I have uninstalled one drive, but I still can not see my profiles
  7. Hello, I have a problem with Virtual Speditor. When I am in the options of selecting the profile folder, it does not detect such one and it is not possible to enter the "profiles" folder. The profile is not connected to Steam Cloud. Thank you very much for the answers I will add that I have the same as here, except that I do not have a steam cloud.
  8. I hope that over time, people will get used to such a big change, but I think that it was needed. I believe that the server will not lose its popularity and players will want to fill these 4200 slots. This game is the best of its kind when we meet a lot of people on the road and I hope that people will not leave because of it and the game will be even more popular. I think people can now feel like real truck drivers, not racing vehicles
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