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  1. i will die instantly because i like the road being a little challenging on simulation 1 or 2 and i like this type of roads
  2. Renault or Iveco or Daf that`s my opinion personally i love volvo fh 16 classic or mercedes
  3. hi i have a Intel core I5-7400k Nvidia GTX 1050TI with 4 gb of ram 1 TB of memory 8GB RAM tweater 9 (from promate.net) as microphone headphones with 2 $ from carrefour marvo k650 as keyboard marvo m112 gaming mouse a noname web camera and trust gxt 570 like steering wheel personally for me is enough i have 200 fps with settings on ultra
  4. everywhere where is a difficult road like turns at 180° or with difficult turn climbing mountains or something like that
  5. andytu


    hi i`m using first person camera (camera one) and third person camera (camera number two on the keyboard)
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