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  1. On peut peut-être se consoler en se disant qu'au moins Logitech n'essaie pas de nous livrer le G29 avec seulement 2 pédales et essayer de nous vendre lui actuel avec les 3 pédales par la suite si on veut être en manuel.
  2. C'est pour cela que j'espère que celui du G27 sera compatible avec le G29
  3. Extrêmement trop cher à la base et en plus il faut rajouter 59 pour le levier de vitesse qui n'a même pas aucun boutons comme sur lui du G25 et du G27, selon moi Logitech rit de ses clients. Aussi, va t'il vraiment falloir que j’achète 2 volants différents pour jouer sur mon PC et sur PS4 ??? J'espère au moins que les pédales et le levier de vitesse du G27 seront compatibles avec les nouveaux volant. Sinon, reste que ce semble être un beau produit mais il faut être prêt à se vider les poches, comme Funnybear dit, on a un T500RS au même prix. Personnellement je vais rester avec mon G27 un bon bout. EDIT : Je viens de lire que le G29 sera quand-même compatible PC, il est optimisé pour PS3 et PS4 mais fonctionne PC
  4. Ah ok, I understand, but that edit is so nice ! What do you guys exactly change in the save file to change the trailer like this ?
  5. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: I just found a little bug where I do not see correctly the livestock trailer, only cattle appear on a simple flatbed trailer. I have the Scandinavia DLC and I already verified the integrity of the game, everything is OK. no problem in single player, only in multiplayer. Any ideas ? Am I the only one to experience this issue ? How to reproduce: find a Livestock trailer Screenshots / Videos: Thanks for reading.
  6. phil0499


    In order to play he multiplayer, you need the latest version of the mod (0.1.7 R3) and the game on steam (version 1.17.1 and activated) --> so if you have already 1.18.1, you need to downgrade You can download the mod in the download tab of this website http://ets2mp.com/index.php?page=download
  7. With the trailer of Volvo truck those who don't have Scandinavia DLC are able to see it, so it is probably the samething with the Cattlerack trailer
  8. phil0499

    CCTV Cameras

    also, i'm agree with sgpch1983, the big bridge could be a great spot
  9. phil0499

    CCTV Cameras

    maybe you can replace the bridge and the europoort cam by only one at the corner like this (almost like before) so you can change one camera to another crowded spot
  10. maybe we could add the Nissan Cube to this list (if it is not already done).
  11. I just receive the newsletter #1 exactly 3 minutes ago
  12. Found it online, does the link works for you guys ? http://newsletter.worldoftrucks.com/w/k5RRSvgiwrLP763QgLWC403g/n3AB892SgDVz3Zhyxkt763fXPQ/KnChFOpEpQiod6NPqvBEpA
  13. Do you remember what was the title of the email ?
  14. Maybe it will be this week/next week
  15. I did not have either, but I am registered. I checked and it's not in my spam. I'm not even sure they really sent a newsletter, any one received something ?
  16. This place is already reported, look there : http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/12929-no-non-collision-zone-016-r2-r3-r4-and-r5/
  17. I have a Huge problem with my brand new Logitech G27 https://youtu.be/Kxgd5p3KbQg Any one have a solution ?

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      then you will need your waranty on that if it's lost its center

    3. phil0499


      Yes probably, I already ask some help from logitech, I will see

    4. Creatured


      just ask logitech there help line will sort you right out

  18. Scandinavia DLC is out in exactly 30 minutes, I can't wait !

  19. Since when are you so fast? really impressive, I'm impressed
  20. Hybrid truck are allowed in multiplayer ONLY if they respect all the conditions Modded trucks and trailers (e.g. taking a scania's engine to a renault truck...) So you can make your own hybrid truck but it must be made from parts that are already in the game and nothing else. This is exactly what theLeedslad is doing on his website... therefore you can also do it by yourself, but it would be better to let theLeedsLad do the job (He is really good and by this method you are sure at 300% that it is allowed and will not cause any lagg) If you want some help on how to make it one yourself, visit the tutorial section on theLeedsLad's website, he made a nice tutorial for this. http://theleedsladmods.wix.com/mpmods#!tutorials/c17ze
  21. Maybe you haven't completed ALL the registration process? Like if you exit your web browser before finishing the process
  22. Are you connected to your own profile when this happen ?
  23. And as I already said, the next update (1.17) will add a lot of telemetry features which gonna make it possible to have the navigation feature
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