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  1. Ah ok, I understand, but that edit is so nice ! What do you guys exactly change in the save file to change the trailer like this ?
  2. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: I just found a little bug where I do not see correctly the livestock trailer, only cattle appear on a simple flatbed trailer. I have the Scandinavia DLC and I already verified the integrity of the game, everything is OK. no problem in single player, only in multiplayer. Any ideas ? Am I the only one to experience this issue ? How to reproduce: find a Livestock trailer Screenshots / Videos: Thanks for reading.
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    In order to play he multiplayer, you need the latest version of the mod (0.1.7 R3) and the game on steam (version 1.17.1 and activated) --> so if you have already 1.18.1, you need to downgrade You can download the mod in the download tab of this website http://ets2mp.com/index.php?page=download
  4. This place is already reported, look there : http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/12929-no-non-collision-zone-016-r2-r3-r4-and-r5/
  5. I have a Huge problem with my brand new Logitech G27 https://youtu.be/Kxgd5p3KbQg Any one have a solution ?

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      then you will need your waranty on that if it's lost its center

    3. phil0499


      Yes probably, I already ask some help from logitech, I will see

    4. Creatured


      just ask logitech there help line will sort you right out

  6. Scandinavia DLC is out in exactly 30 minutes, I can't wait !

  7. Since when are you so fast? really impressive, I'm impressed
  8. Hybrid truck are allowed in multiplayer ONLY if they respect all the conditions Modded trucks and trailers (e.g. taking a scania's engine to a renault truck...) So you can make your own hybrid truck but it must be made from parts that are already in the game and nothing else. This is exactly what theLeedslad is doing on his website... therefore you can also do it by yourself, but it would be better to let theLeedsLad do the job (He is really good and by this method you are sure at 300% that it is allowed and will not cause any lagg) If you want some help on how to make it one yourself, visit the tutorial section on theLeedsLad's website, he made a nice tutorial for this. http://theleedsladmods.wix.com/mpmods#!tutorials/c17ze
  9. Maybe you haven't completed ALL the registration process? Like if you exit your web browser before finishing the process
  10. Are you connected to your own profile when this happen ?
  11. And as I already said, the next update (1.17) will add a lot of telemetry features which gonna make it possible to have the navigation feature
  12. If you have a good base of programing/coding knowledge, you can make it yourself but maybe you can wait a bit until mkoch227 make it works
  13. You can also include many other features with the telemetry SDK. I just post something which give some examples of that but it is currently hidden, we just need to wait a bit.Hope that it will be fix soon.
  14. You can use the Funbit's telemetry dashboard with the GPS skin made by mkoch227 which is almost exactly like the in game GPS Here is what the skin looks like: There is also other languages for the GPS. Link for telemetry dashboard : https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server Link for mkoch227 skin : https://github.com/mkoch227/ets2-mobile-route-advisor
  15. Also this topic can be useful if you want to create one yourself. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/11106-how-to-create-a-hybrid-truck-with-engine-changes/
  16. Just because the server time and your computer time are slightly different. Your computer probably do not update the time on the same server as the ETS2MP server.
  17. This can also be done on the Steam website --> http://steamcommunity.com/ In the profile section, click on 'edit'
  18. Try to set everything to public and check some time after, the steam server does not refresh every second, they are very slow. You can chek if it is a problem from steam or from ets2mp by going on your friend's steam page in private mode (or disconnected from your profile) and look if you can see ETS2 regards Phil Or it can also be done Steam website
  19. The second error you showed is not quite a error, it is probably because some players fall under the map. It can be easily reproduce by going at the big hotel and drive where there is no barrier and you gonna fall under the map. (you can also do this at others places but I notice that it works at the big hotel.) The 0.0 distance is also displayed when another driver has just entered the area of (almost) 500m around you that you can see others. It shows this when the game is calculating the distance and had not finish.
  20. Maybe you can use the ETS Radio Manager for this. https://bitbucket.org/santigl/ets-radio-manager
  21. Yes but it should not be like this. And also it don't works all the time.
  22. Mod Version: Version 0.1.5 R3 Controllers Used: keyboard Description of Issue: The description of the settings is staying on the screen even when the setting menu is closed... look the video or the screenshot. How to reproduce: Just go in the ETS2MP settings and do the same thing as I do in the video Screenshots / Videos:
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