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  1. Nathrob

    Are you ready?

    Well found! I managed to take the capture:
  2. Nathrob

    What to do in Duisburg?

    Yes, of course I understand that was just an example. If the majority would respect the rules of the road then I thought maybe it could have been done to streamline traffic.
  3. Nathrob

    What to do in Duisburg?

    So a roundabout should be created instead of this intersection only for the multiplayer ^^ (why not by the Add-on team if that and possible of course) for better traffic.
  4. Hey Joao Rodrigues, Answer: "On 2 Arcade servers, we need 1 with a collision and 1 without (with arcade mode rules: https://truckersmp.com/blog/167)" does not contradict the question because if you vote this answer is that you do not agree since this answer explains a change to make (if it disturbs you then I should have put a "no" at the beginning). Then the answers: "I have a suggestion to make as a comment" also means that the person does not like and therefore wants to propose a suggestion. I hope you understand my ^^ Thanks
  5. Do you agree with the new changes, have any ideas to share? I leave it to you to answer the questionnaire and to debate on the subject, each person has the right to evoke his point of view/ opinion. Nathrob
  6. Nathrob

    Update 1.35 release

    Finally it is impossible, the extension "Road to the Black Sea" is not ready to be released before September SCS Software are only at the beginning. I think Truckersmp doesn’t need to wait for this card extension to update the servers to 1.35. They can do it before and when the "Road to the Black Sea" extension officially comes out, then TruckersMP will do another update to include it later.
  7. Nathrob

    ATS 1.35 Update

    Exactly agree, it must not be easy to book a lot of time out of active living .You’ll get your update before the end of the summer don’t worry. It’s a big, normal update that takes time, better that it’s sloppy with bugs.
  8. When DLC Washington and release, SCS Software surprised us. Beautiful landscapes, cities, countryside and roads. Including the small road north of the dlc that goes up to the company "Deepgroue", which and superb with its bumps, turns, climbs... All players wait for his route type in the DLC Washington. So I asked myself a question when dlc Washington will be available (in 1.35 in multiplayer on TruckersMP), will this little road (see photo) be in no collision zone or with collision? I would like to know your opinion if it should be in no collision zone or without. Personally I think that this road should be in collision like any other roads because its addition of realism has crossed other players and must be shifted to allow everyone to let go. Then there is enough room for everyone to shift (take part in the turns or bridge or if the players share a minimum of intelligence: let the person engage pass before committing). But in general people on ATS are more cautious due to the big trailers and then on ATS in multiplayer we are less than on ETS! Hoping that TruckersMP moders see himself posted or and thought about himself. I let you debate this subject, I’m curious to know your feelings Thank you for reading my topic, have a good day! (Available photos) Nathrob
  9. Nathrob

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    @TheCreepyTruckr Exactly, increased the punishment.
  10. Nathrob

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    @Koneko_ But then how are we going to do if we players have a double trailer delivery in the middle of town like in Duisburg? If a zone will be imposed how to go deliver our cargo? If the double trailers are so problematic I agree that they are forbidden to traffic on the road CD. But personally, I think the double trailers can go into town like any trailer on itself. It just needs drivers to take it really wide and the distances it takes (maybe a video help on the TruckersMP YouTube channel could help for example). Then we have moderator patrols in town to avoid any accidents. That’s just how I feel.
  11. Nathrob

    Small roads?

    The Sardina island that will soon arrive in multiplayer.
  12. 1/ Corsica (Included in dlc "Vive La France") 2/ Spain & Portugal 3/Greece (with the Island Cyprus)