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  1. Name an city of Europe, but it can't have more than 500.000 people living. Tell as many cities as you like but don't tell the same cities. And also tell in which country the city lays. I will begin with Groningen, it lays in The Netherlands.
  2. Den Haag (Netherlands)
  3. Suggestion Name: Donator ranks ingame or on the forum Suggestion Description: Maybe have a donator rank for ingame or in the forums like that you can purchase more stuff or a special car, or a special rank on the forums/ingame Any example images: x Why should it be added?: Because then you will most likely get more support for the game. And you will get more happy people with their custom car.
  4. Mooi zo nog een Nederlander hier, ik zie dat je van het events team bent, veel succes nog!
  5. Happy birthday! I saw you a couple days ago in Paris and you have a nice truck :)

    1. Suleyman.53


      Thank you so much dude :wub::love:

  6. Het is heel stil hier, laat je horen als je nog hier bent!
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