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  1. i did get on with the new dlc in mp but now it keeps crashing at the loading screen after i click drive in the new dlc area.
  2. Hi does anyone else have this strange senorio everytime I boot my pc from sleep or power on when I click on tmp and lunch ETS2 MP. ets2 will boot up as SP first then once I have closed and reopened tmp ets2 mp will load is there any way to fix that issue Thanks Andy
  3. Hopefully it will be out SOON keep an eye on all media platforms but hopefully it will be out soon after reading TMP twitter page also promods was meant for an offline experience but now they have manage to get it to work with mp finally so we need to have patience from tmp twitter page 18/10/19 We love those amazing landscapes exploring ProMods Very soon available in TruckersMP to explore with your friends! You might want to consider making it easy for yourself and already download ProMods
  4. No because it an accident also we need to think about the other persons internet connection which wouldnt be their fault and if i did it in a traffic jam in MP I would apoligize straight away
  5. I heared the samething maybe they are dont worry SOON we will find out
  6. Soon looking at tmp twitter https://twitter.com/TruckersMP I guess we will download promods MP .def file from tmp site ?
  7. But it is also a pity that we users as long as the torture spans. But each his own.
  8. Also it would be more ammo for trolls to use It might work on the promods servers sinces the map is so big. I wonder if it would be easier to add in random events like RTC and detours since they are static
  9. Regarding the ai traffic TMP explained why in the promods support blog AI traffic support The project is not scrapped, but because SCS is still constantly making changes to the AI it is very difficult for us to complete it as working with AI is very complex. At the point where we 1st showed you the video of AI traffic in multiplayer we had a working prototype. Unfortunately, SCS then released new game versions through time with a massive change to AI which they have been improving ever since. source: https://truckersmp.com/blog/178
  10. It will be intresting to see if we can use our own graphics setting via the mp def file
  11. Scul founder of promods already discussed on the promods forums If the game updates to 1.36 you can simply roll back to 1.35 in the Steam properties. If you insist on playing open beta versions, then be aware that we do not support them. Compatibility can take between 4-8 weeks depending on the level of changes SCS make to the game engine and map format. We are also currently puzzled because 1.36 was scheduled for late September (which would have allowed us to release 2.42 on 1.36 format), but they are having issues and are delaying the release for an unknown time so we may release 2.42 on 1.35 for those who can't wait to play MP and keep our promise of a mid-October delivery, and then release a new version for 1.36 when it's finally out.
  12. Who doesnt I listen to SR mostly but will switch to trucker fm or 24 7 rock and roll if driving late early morning
  13. Yes once you upgrade you cant roll back you profile so be careful word of warning first - avoid this Beta if you are planning on completing any more deliveries in Pink Ribbon Event - it's not supported on 1.36 and you WON'T be able to go back to any older version of the game with a profile modified by the 1.36 version of the game. Source: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/ under latest news tab on lower right
  14. PROMODS 2.42 isnt out yet but that will be the version that will be released on tmp this month so promods 2.42 is releasing this month tmp did a reveal YouTube stream in September, more info here https://truckersmp.com/blog/178
  15. Im hoping this weekend or at the latest next week. as it will probably tie in when promods releases 2.42 i wonder if the promod server will go live the same day promods 2.42 comes out since they have partnered up
  16. Also I think around teenage years it is close to the legal driving age so some teens might want to practice driving in a 'simulator' because there is no pc game like ets2 with motorways countries, speed limit, fines etc but then they get board or they see someone else doing something and they repeat it. then switch over to racing/troll in ets2 because the map is so big. Tween & teens if you want to simulate driving in RL download promods or wait until tmp update which will include promods. I wish there was something like this in my day and age, I could never find anything. but please stop trolling it gets tired some and stop painting your car blue pretending to be a police car with a yellow flashing light most of us can tell by your username or profile pic which is usually a police car or 'enforcer' or 999 sheriff, patrol as the username and the only reason most of us know is because we did the same thing. I dont know how many kids & teens dremt of becoming an cop when they are older. I think alot of us forget we were teenagers also
  17. Yes I finished the goal last night but I will be doing more Andy
  18. Hi Skortil Thanks for all the responses that has answers more than I expected with answers
  19. Apologies I didn't know where to put this and its more directed to the staff . I am super excited about Promods integration on TMP and I did check the blog but didn't find the answer. When promods goes live on TMP will we need to start a new ETS2 profile because promods is basically a different version of ets2 e.g. awesome scenery more locations advance details and new garages. Thanks Andy
  20. 652 hours so far but that will increase once promods gets released on TMP
  21. Thanks for all the help i did just change bk to DRX9 to see if that works . Update well it did fore a while and I reconfigured everything to use the GPU then it crashed again I can understand a mod crashing SP but mod are disabled by defualt in mp <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/prefab/garage/garage.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6713 - expected version 506d6715. Converting... 00:43:08.788 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/prefab/garage/door.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6713 - expected version 506d6715. Converting... 00:43:08.820 : <WARNING> [model] Model animation '/prefab/garage/door_open.pma' has incorrect file version 3 - expected version 4. Converting... 00:43:15.524 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/416E64792053756C6C6D616E/save/autosave_drive_4/game.sii) ..... I think I solved it I am using a mod is SP which makes the garages all DHL companys but that doesnt explain mp still
  22. Thanks I could of sworn nvidia already installed the updated drivers so it says in the geforce experience app
  23. Hi I wonder if you can help me I was driving along and all of a sudden ets2mp quited without any reason. here's the game crash file . My graphics card is a Nvidia and my cpu is an amd ryzan 3 2200g with 8gb ram. https://pastebin.com/5hsjuPUx file uploaded Thanks Andy
  24. hi.The following are the problems with the ets 2 dated a long time.the speed restrictions for the steering people eg the logitech g29.the shifting speed cannot be utilized only 5.the speed the 6th darts cannot be used, now it has been limited recently At 110 I can only drive there at 4th speed, so this is not a party, it bumps up the gameplay experience. you can go at max speed, but in the mind or you can't go to the other so the gameplay experience is not so good. Returning to chopping. it is more enjoyable if you can go faster or time out.ats also has a problem though not everyone drops down when i get to town m and the ats, but I have a problem with it. I have a completely new machine, only the videocar used 1070 gtx msi, and it is a mystery to me that measured dropol lagol in the ats, ets 2 runs great. Translated to english - Andy
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