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  1. I'm confused as how people are praising Scania with Volvo FH16 around. Sure Scania S has better maneuverability when transporting heavy cargo, but the Volvo can truck at 150 with some pretty heavy loads.
  2. That's how games die. When they start coddling the playerbase. The competitor of TruckersMP is going to murder them when he exits beta stage soon enough. What was even the point of waiting 2 weeks if not all the updates are implemented?
  3. Some of us saved our profile after testing v1.35 overridden the old profile. So you can't access the server with your profile that you put hard work in anymore. Most of us thought it would be a quick upgrade as the update was available on the beta branch for weeks with 0 changes brought to it from release. So now we're sitting with a 1.35 profile in our game waiting for truckers mp to update occasionally going SP. I know you can cheatengine your way to a new profile, but some of us played legitimately. It's not that hard to understand you know..................
  4. Well, yeah. It's kind of obvious that most players wouldn't like speed limits considering how empty the roads are if you don't stick to specific zones. I do long hauler jobs in the east and there's often NO ONE on those roads. I'm not gonna stick to 80 on an empty road. Some places in the game are just completely abandoned like Krakow and Budapest areas. If the mod had NPCs or just more people everywhere, this would be way different.
  5. Then if you drive on EU #1 what do you care about popularity? It's not like we pay a subscription.
  6. Lol what? Dude everyone congregates on the most popular servers, not on smaller ones. That's why Icecrown is still the most popular WotLK private server despite it being terribly coded.
  7. If I see another trucker on a road that's usually deserted. Like most of the East LOL.
  8. In the IT world, "soon" means "we have no idea but we feel the pressure". - a Software Engineer
  9. I appreciate the modders a lot for this wonderful mod, don't get me wrong. And the servers too. But I don't really understand how they were caught offguard with such a massive update when it was available for weeks on beta? O.o
  10. Sadly I overwrote my game with a 1.35 save game. So I don't really have a choice but to wait for the upgrade. Unless I restart from 0. Or restart from 0 and cheat.
  11. I'm guessing no ETS for like 3 more weeks at this rhythm.
  12. Rip Rotterdam traffic. People already crash into each other with normal trailers. Imagine double trailers.
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