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  1. UK Gathering time:11:00 GMT+1 UTC+1 Tuckey Gathering time:11:00 GMT+3 UTC+3 Vietnam Gathering time:11:00 GMT+7 UTC+7 Taiwan Gathering time:11:00 GMT+8 UTC+8 Korean Gathering time:11:00 GMT+9 UTC+9 If you want to participate, please join the Discord Activity Group:https://discord.gg/aEg4BBA
  2. ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ Activity Information Event Name: The third anniversary of TW-DML Event Date: 2020.09.26 organizer:TW-DML Taiwan Dimalun Team server: [SGP] Simulation(Tentatively booked,The server is trying to apply) Vehicle: SCANIA S730 Container: refrigerated Painting: Sunrise Blue Red and White Gathering time:11:00 GMT+8 UTC+8 departure time:12:00 GMT+8 UTC+8 End Time:14:30 GMT+8 UTC+8 Meet up location: Berlin Resting place: X End location: Calais Total road length: 984 kilometers ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ Precautions Violation of MP rules is strictly prohibited! It is strictly prohibited to drive SII to change the vehicle! It is strictly prohibited to use accelerators or penetrating plug-ins! It is strictly forbidden to overtake and force cars! If you have any questions or disputes, please contact the organizer for handling! If any member of the team will meet Lag, please inform the organizer! During the event, please set the car machine to "19"! Strictly prohibited blocked intersection ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ MAP TW-DML
  3. NK VTC 's first anniversary celebration Server:Congratulations on the first anniversary of NKVTC! Event date:2020.12.31 set time:10:30AM UTC Meeting place :Kiel Destination :Calais A total of 964 kilometers All teams are invited to participate Route Map : free pic upload NK VTC
  4. JYC Transportation Company planned the event. I really hope that all players can participate in our event. Event Name: Jin Yang Company Third anniversary event Event Date: 2020.10.10 Set time: UTC AM 10:00 Start time: 12:30 pm UTC Starting point: Amsterdam Focus: Calais Stroke length: 957KM DLC: None Roadmap: https://postimg.cc/p9VRDCjS Picture: https://postimg.cc/y34pjS0g Event rules: Event personnel can only use cars (tags required) Allow the use of cars (use benchmark) Allow blocked roads Allow driving on the wrong road (enter the opposite lane) Allow video vehicles to drive on the wrong road (enter the opposite lane) Other participants follow TMP rules
  5. Thank you for the follow !


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thank you too ^_^ 

    2. [TW-DML]⟹RX 5950 XT⟸

      [TW-DML]⟹RX 5950 XT⟸

      @BL4CK $ K1LL

      Hello, I have something to ask you, I have added you Discord
      Name: NK-CEO

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