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  1. No edit. #nopixel #community #paintjob


    1. Lena'


      Nice Skin ❤️ 

    2. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

    3. wesleyr99


      NICE PIC 👍

  2. WIP #nopixel #daf #2021 


    1. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

    2. Lena'


      Beautiful pic💜

  3. Thanks for follow ❤️ 

  4. Thank you very much for your follow! ❤️


  5. // Road to Black Sea // 

    #nopixel #parintele


  6. Mountains called. Fresh Paint | Fresh Air #nopixel


  7. Sheeesh or nah?

    Just took a free ride with the fresh livery.

    #nopixel https://nopixel.ro/ https://discord.gg/kpaD8BsP8d


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    2. // Parintele //

      // Parintele //

      @TARK777 I'm working on the trailer and other trucks design. Will post it as soon as I finish. ❤️ 

    3. TARK777


      Would absolutely love to see it mate 🙂 

    4. // Parintele //

      // Parintele //

      @TARK777 I have posted earlier a photo where you can see full livery. Check my profile. Forgot to mention earlier.

  8. Ready Set Go! #nopixel www.nopixel.ro


    1. povgamer


      Great photo!

    2. wesleyr99


      VERY COOL 

    3. // Parintele //
  9. I wasn't reffering to the video, I was debating what he said, about having 2 strikes until permanent ban. You can't blame truckersmp staff not beeing active, as everyone has their life, jobs, family then games. Can't have 2 milion players as admin. They doing what it's best. A few years ago they didn't have the history recording system, so all bans and reports were based on client recordings.
  10. Having only 2 is bad. Imagine you hit someone because of lag, or a bug and the individual reports you and you end having a permanent ban. Not nice, isn't it? I believe the ban system and rules have been improoved during years and I find it currently good, most suitable for everyone. In each game there are good and bad players, and I believe this is constantly keeping the game up and running, sometimes having a laught. If you're a tryharder on KM/MPH for trucksbook, and encounter people constantly hitting you then you should play on arcade, or singleplayer. You can't force someone not having fun, with their consent, just because you're a tryharder and cry for km/mph. It's a game, let's enjoy it. Best regards.
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