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  1. @DubbelDraaiDeur It seems i am speaking against a wall because you are clearly trying to refuse to acknowledge that i know how speed can affect driving. The game's physics is currently broken. You also couldn't explain why my truck was flying, because the only thing i see from you is you telling me how i am supposed to drive instead of explaining. Suspension stiffness had nothing to do with my truck flying. I can easily fix this by turning cabin stiffness down, but that won't dissuade the fact that the physics are clearly broken at this point. I've never had a problem with the physics until 1.33 and 1.35 came out. You can complain about my speed all you want, but that's not even the problem here. I already know the consequences of speeding, and it seems that i have to repeat myself 3 times to clarify that i know what speeding can cause. And no, i didn't miss your point at all. I know SCS did not make their game for multiplayer experience at all, but the physics are still broken for both single and multiplayer. If you still would like to show off how you never had problems, i'll be more than happy to make a video to show you that you dont need speed to trigger the cabin glitch of the current version with default settings.
  2. I know the crashes are a TMP issue, but SCS is also party at fault with the current cabin physics. Unless you live under a rock, you can clearly see that physics glitches appear far more often due to SCS changing them and making it worse for the community. There's plenty of videos where people get involved into an accident, some not even being at speed or in multiplayer, and yet their cabin starts completely freaking out and sending you to millions of km/h if you are unlucky. I know that SCS has made a beautiful game, which it still is, but the physics are currently broken. This is a clear fact where evidence is daylight clear. I'm pretty sure SCS is aware of this issue and i'm hoping for it to get fixed in 1.36. I'm very much aware that speed can easily cause issues, that's why i said i am being cautious about it and haven't had many problems since i know what i'm doing. Seems like you failed to understand what i said previously. There are no rules about going the speed limit or not, so it's my problem if i get involved in high speed crashes which i am aware of. But the physics currently are making both normal and fast driving difficult because any mistake can possibly lead to total destruction. Here's a video of me going too quick on a turn. I know it was my fault for not slowing down, and i only expected to be slowed down by the barrier, or maybe get tipped over if i'm that unlucky. However this is not the case at all, the cabin completely glitches out and sends me flying. Why? Because i scratched my paint on a barrier. I would have just adjusted my speed if this never happened. It's kind of weird how SCS has missed this glitch even after fully releasing 1.35 which has been out for almost 6 months now. I'm not even going to get started about 1.33 which was not as broken as 1.35 but also had issued with the suspension physics. You can blame me all you want about my speed, but deep down it's god damn clear that SCS has not been testing their physics thoroughly.
  3. I would prefer the 150 kmh speedlimit to be added back, but keep the speed limited to 110 on c-d road. I think it wouldn't be a big problem to lift the speed limit in non-congested areas. It's busy areas that need more focus.
  4. I'm not calling it a simulation game until SCS fixes their physics. And as long as SCS gives us the opportunity to go faster than 90, I'll gladly take that opportunity and there's nothing you can do about it. I simply enjoy driving trucks at a high speed and i know i should do that with caution, such as braking at sharp corners, cities and oncoming traffic. I wouldn't do this in real life because that is indeed absurd. That's why I'd rather do it virtually because there's nothing to worry about other than people being sassy about it, even though i am doing nothing wrong currently. If the whole game gets forced back to 90 km/h, i would respect it. But for now, I'm gladly going above that limit with ease, because for me it isn't hard to control a truck driving quick.
  5. It really isn't hard, i would say 130 starts getting tricky.
  6. We're on the road to simulation once SCS stops messing with the physics, which is causing trucks to fly for almost no reason now.
  7. C-D road has 2 gas stations. The one near the city of Duisburg doesn't count
  8. I'm usually not bothered to take a hit. I'm most of the times empty so i really dont care if people arent able to stop in time, or try to avoid an accident but hit me right after.
  9. All of them, including all dlc areas, completely upgraded.
  10. Yeah it would be nice to see an icon next to a player's name if he/she is using keyboard only, mouse + keyboard, controller, or a steering wheel. If you'd like to suggest that, feel free to head over to the Suggestions board and make a topic there.
  11. There used to be an NA server but almost nobody plays on it. Same with Asian servers. There's no point adding these servers if player count is scarce.
  12. Suggestion Name: Live counter for total users Suggestion Description: Make a counter that updates the amount of registered users live (similar like Socialblade) Any example images: It should look like this Why should it be added?: We are soon approaching 3 million users. Wouldn't it be nice to see 2,999,999 flip to 3,000,000 right in front of your eyes?
  13. They should change Arcade #2 to have collisions and remain Arcade #1 as non collision.
  14. So what happens if you make a genuine accident (such as failing to yield) and apologize to the player you have harmed, would that also fall into the category of harsh punishments? Everyone makes mistakes of course.
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