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  1. Yeah it would be nice to see an icon next to a player's name if he/she is using keyboard only, mouse + keyboard, controller, or a steering wheel. If you'd like to suggest that, feel free to head over to the Suggestions board and make a topic there.
  2. No, i don't like the speed limit, but i can respect it. I understand that c-d road needed to be optimized with this update, but i still feel that the rest of the map (where it's quiet) should have none or the 150 kmh speed limit. People who would like to associate this with racing have no idea what they are talking about. The majority simply love to drive fast on empty areas where it's safe to do so. I do support a speed limit on c-d, because that's the core of TruckersMP's problems.
  3. There used to be an NA server but almost nobody plays on it. Same with Asian servers. There's no point adding these servers if player count is scarce.
  4. Suggestion Name: Live counter for total users Suggestion Description: Make a counter that updates the amount of registered users live (similar like Socialblade) Any example images: It should look like this Why should it be added?: We are soon approaching 3 million users. Wouldn't it be nice to see 2,999,999 flip to 3,000,000 right in front of your eyes?
  5. They should change Arcade #2 to have collisions and remain Arcade #1 as non collision.
  6. So what happens if you make a genuine accident (such as failing to yield) and apologize to the player you have harmed, would that also fall into the category of harsh punishments? Everyone makes mistakes of course.
  7. To be honst, hate this update, B U T, I can understand why this was done, and the people driving fast, reckless and dangerous had it coming.
  8. I'd rather have it restricted on only c-d road because doubles/triples will just be a huge issue, because they are slow and take way too much space. I'm already fed up with people having 310hp and 61t on c-d road, causing lots of backup in traffic. So, anywhere but c-d.
  9. ^ I'm not supposed to drive with high beams. For me it's better to keep it on low beams and only flash my high beams when approaching someone or a sharp corner. These new skyboxes in ets2 make it easier to see at night so i don't see why i should keep my high beams on for the rest of the night. But everyone has his/her own preferences so there's not much we can do.
  10. I hope i am misunderstanding you, but from this quote i see that you're telling me i need to keep my high beams on at all times during night time. I think that's unnecessary, because i'm completely fine with low beams at most times. It makes driving at night more interesting instead of having it pretty much day time on your side the entire time with those fat roof lights. Again, i might have misunderstood you, or you might have misunderstood me. Let me know.
  11. lol

    1. derek01


      Very good thank you

  12. I'm starting to get familiar with the map. Sometimes i don't watch my GPS and yet i still get the route correct. Remember, signs exist as well.
  13. Mostly i keep it with low beams. If i see a player approaching, i'll turn on high beam for a few moments to make sure he sees me.
  14. This name is from around 2011-2012 Ous means pretty much nothing or i don't remember where i got it from. And killer was just added because i was young and had no good name ideas. Usually i get called Ous. Sometimes skiller. Many times in CSGO people somehow misread it for Duskiller or Dustkiller. That's not all though. I've been called Queskiller, which leads to me thinking that people are just illiterate. I can go on for hours of people misreading my name, but that's not what this topic is about heh.
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