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  1. Finished 1 job. Now got same issue that no jobs are shown. Did the config thing. Also Noticed on that article that "Note: This is only a temporary fix to the issue. Most likely, you will need to do this every time when you play in TruckersMP." ... so i will have to boot game twice every time I start truckersMP ? :/ How I'm suppose to earn money/progress ? EDIT: Think found the way. Got personal truck in SP, moved to MP now seems to show freight missions fine. It simply function horrible with quick jobs when u don't have a truck. As accepting mission or doing anything prior to connecting to server in open world causes issues.
  2. @InvisibleRaptor "WebOutlaw" solution was an answer to my question. I made a new profile. Although now I'm confused. I don't see any jobs on "quick jobs" menu. What I'm supposed to be doing now?
  3. Hello, I'm interested in joining this MP mod, but I have few questions. 1. Does it function as a mod or separate launcher. 2. If it's mod then question is how I can easily play my SP game that is packed with mod and toggle inbetween SP with its mods or MP. That's it pretty much.. point is that I want to still play my SP that has tons of mods. But I do want to experience multiplayer as well now and then. So question in general how multiplayer functions and how still play single-player with mods problem free without having manually enable/disable mods n mod load orders if switching between 2.
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