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  1. Oh Very Nice! And Only one need to download? It's an Innovation!
  2. Happy birthday Weather

  3. Trucking with Twitch Streamer Wolfmiru and Twitch Streamer Chivilt




  4. spacer.png



    TeamAudi Private Convoy


    Date - 2021 Jan.19th, UTC 13:20

    Server - Arcade#

    Route - Milano Service Center -> Roma Parking Place

    1. Guest


      Nice! ?

  5. Thanks for participate our yesterday convoy!







    And please pay attention our next convoy :)


  6. Hello Again!


    Now, We make Good Bye 2020, Welcome 2021 ! New Years Convoy 2021! Convoy's Departure and Destination slots!


    sorry for so late.

    I'll show you picture :)





    If you want to reserve slot, please wait for a moment!

    The slot reserve page will update soon.

    Slot reservation will be processed in google survey.

    If you can't reserve by google survey due to internal problem.

    Feel free to contact me or @TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM via PM/DM !


    I hope see you all in there.

    See you!



  7. Hello Everyone :)

    Long time no see~


    I bring one thing of good news and one thing of bad news


    First, It is good news!

    We decide Good Bye 2020, Welcome 2021 ! New Years Convoy 2021! Convoy's Route!


    Length is 1,202 and It means just Because of 2021 year, Reverse the number to 1,202

    Thinking crazy? Then Let's see you at Simulation 3#


    Second, It is bad news.

    Because of low participants, We can't make dedicated Server :(

    But, If you can, Can you write This (TruckersMP Forum) Or This (Trucky) ?


    Then Our plan can be changed :)


    I hope see you again to good news  :)

  8. Merry X-Mas And a happy New Year!

    2020 was very dynamical year because of COVID-19, Election Of U.S.A etc.


    Is 2021 can be dynamic as 2020?


    Everyone, You did a hard work!


    See you at 2021 Again :)

  9. Hello Everyone!

    We decided to host Good Bye 2020, Welcome 2021 ! New Years Convoy 2021!


    Route and Parking lots are not decided yet.


    But, If you can, can you help us to open the dedicated server?


    You can help us to open the dedicated server by click here!


    I'll come to here again as soon as possible with decided route and parking lots etc! Please pay attention!

  10. Thanks for following me :)

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