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  1. Only default trailer combinations are allowed, trailer type does not matter, example; triples are no longer allowed in ETS2 Double or triple trailers must not be longer than the largest default combination; for ATS, the "turnpike double", for ETS2, the "HCT" So, triples are not allowed on ets 2 or are? i have triple that is shorter than htc (aka half/ half/ half). Also, for realism - SP and mods, MP was about "fun". While E2 wasnt perfect, lets admit it, it was just "fun". Adrenaline and hope to get thru C-D intact. Fear of scout/skoda car. Freedom to cruise barren areas like west france/east europe/baltic areas with pedal to the metal. And as there was SIMULATION server, the number of people playing it should already tell how many people were interested in it. Forcing it on everybody is BAD, idea, i believe. But i will stick around definitely, wanna see how it evolve and how many people will actually leave. Have a nice one, ADRE
  2. Hi truckers, as i found out the joy of save editing, i was wondering. if these combinations are permitted while in MP. https://imgur.com/a/lWBu42I They do not glitch into each other, no invisible zones around. Only think i can thing about is the "chain type" i read was among rules in the past, however i did not find any info about this in updated rules (2.6.2019). Number of wheel sets. trailers in max 3 as stated in rules. They are not longer than regular triples. Thx for ANY answer, folks.
  3. 3.2§ Trailer combinations must only contain up to 3 cargo carrying trailers (dolly trailers do not count towards this). 3 full-size trailers are not allowed to be used in ETS2 due to the autokick system. I think the second part is the reason. Triple (half/half/full trailer) is already slightly longer then HTC. I can only imagine this is even longer, so mayby there is automatic kick if trailer reach certain size(long) ? Also, is it working in SP, no invisible collisions or anything? In last rules update there is no info regarding chain type having to be the same, i think. So that should not be a problem, i hope so Was the autokick instant, or after some time? I mean, i tried in garage (while in MP) combinations of half box/half box/overweight ship trailer or half/half/half triple trailer or flatbed (with locomotive) + overweight ship trailer.And i was not auto-kicked. So far.
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