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  1. Learned this the hard way that you cannot make everyone happy even though you try to. So, my way of connecting is I do and talk what I have in my mind and obviously I like helping others in all possible ways. While doing the above I'd attract some people and at the same time some might as well hate me. I just encourage the ones that loves me for who I am even though if that's only a few. Sorry that might have sounded deep but that's how I'd connect with people irl as well as in a gaming community.
  2. Smh we never gonna win this. Anyhoo 6
  3. I pick random jobs from freight market and for the most part I get to haul empty pallets lol.
  4. While taking Ice Creams to Idaho.. came across a nice old farmhouse area.


    1. Raymond_97


      Love ATS really miss those days when US sim server was full with drivers 

      nice view point ❤️

    2. MarkON


      Yeah, Idaho is not big but has many interesting places. Good find.

  5. Congratulations on your promotion dude!

    1. SpoonyUK


      Thank you! ❤️

  6. No it's not yet night where I live
  7. I'm still using the same laptop that I started playing ETS2 on. It is a 2018 HP omen 15 Intel I7 8th gen 16gb ram Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb 100 gigs ssd and 1 tb hdd Currently running on windows 11.
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