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  1. Hello, This is neither mod or dlc. For ETS2 and ATS, they are special items that you can get from SCS by World of Trucks events. When you get/buy it, they will automatically adding into your game and you can use it without adding mods, however, your steam has to online while you trying to use it. The difference between this and DLC is all these items are selling by other players, not SCS, and after 7 days you can also sell it on steam community. For these items, all players can see it during you playing on TruckersMP (for DLC, if you did not own it, you cannot see it). Kind Regards, Air Canada
  2. Hi, I think in your profile you are belongs to Arrow's Realm Transport. If you means this vtc, then you are in now. If you doesn't mean this vtc, then trying to quit this vtc and try again. Kind Regards, Air Canada
  3. Congratulations to TruckersMP! Although they met many problems, they had many challenges, they face it, they solve it. And here is the result! Thanks all TruckersMP staffs. Thanks all the Retired Team Members. THANKS for your job! I am very proud that I am a TMP player!
  4. Thanks Edmund and Sange planning for this event! I cannot wait for this event! By the way, I love that sentense, "Our goal is the stars and the seas"!
  5. I felt very happy to see China Truckers Alliance getting stronger and stronger I hope I have spare and can take apart in this event! Best wishes to China Truckers Alliance!
  6. 您好, 对于您这个问题,之前已经有玩家给出了解决办法。如果还是不能解决您的问题的话,在英语帮助区您可以找到很多相同问题的解决办法。 我会在这里罗列一些,您可以使用翻译软件阅读它们。 祝您游戏愉快, Air Canada
  7. Hello, The official support mods are only promods and snow mods which release in every winter. However, for trailers on steam workshop, some of them will say they also support TMP. Most of them are the trailers from scs and you can get it in the companies but you cannot buy it. What they are doing is they allows you to buy the trailers only can found in companies. For this kind of mod, you can buy in single player and use it online if there are no changes on the trailers or the trailers does not against the rules. Kind Regards, Air Canada
  8. I think the most interesting thing of 1.36 is the drivers/truck/trailers map, it can help the company owner (which is the player) control the hole company (although I never use it except I want to drive someone's truck). I know you have also upgrade 1.36, so what do you think about it?
  9. I am thinking is it also a reason that there are crowded and everyone wants to join the crowded and find out why it is crowded?
  10. Thanks a lot for these answers. So if someone report them, they will be banned right?
  11. Around the sawmill in Bellingham, Washington, there is always very crowded, and today some volunteers are there blocking one way and let the other way passes smoother, is this allowed in TruckersMP?
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