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  1. 不知道现在是什么情况,但是在最近大版本更新之后似乎游戏内不能唤醒输入法了,而欧卡、美卡自带输入法也不能用于联机的文字输入。
  2. 您好 @a2962484606, 这是有关DX11适配的一个bug,TMP已知悉并正在修复它。 如果您希望使用F7功能,请先F1,然后使用鼠标点击相应按键方可前往最近的修理站。 祝您游戏快乐 Air Canada
  3. Thanks all staffs for the hard working
  4. 感谢Soul Knight大佬的翻译!!!大佬辛苦了!!!!
  5. 1.36更新之后似乎由于scs自带输入法,其他输入法无法在欧卡2和美卡游戏过程中唤醒。有没有大佬解决了这个问题的?
  6. C.O.S-AZhai 您好, 这是由于TruckersMP修改了游戏内的比例尺导致,所有玩家是正常显示的。 祝您游戏愉快 Air Canada
  7. China-king 168 您好, 这个问题是由于TruckersMP适配DirectX11中的bug导致,目前TMP已经了解到该bug,请等待后续版本的修复。 在等待修复期间您可以通过使用"/fix"代码、传送到您拥有的车库等功能实现类似的效果。感谢您的理解。 另外,我注意到您和一个相似名称的账号多次发送类似消息并被从其他板块移至本区。根据TruckersMP论坛规则,只有在中文区发帖才可使用中文。在其他非语言区发帖时请尽量使用英语,谢谢。 祝您游戏愉快! Air Canada
  8. Hello IAMDDB, For this problem, it might caused by DX11, before TMP solve that, you can change your game to OpenGL and it might be solved. Kind Regards, Air Canada
  9. 您好, 这个bug是DX11适配相关的bug,已经有玩家报备给TruckersMP,在此期间请使用“/fix”代码、飞车库等替代。感谢您的理解。 祝您游戏愉快, Air Canada
  10. Hello Hamza Günseven, This might be a DX11 problem, the TMP team is solving it. Before they solve this problem, you can using OpenGL instead of DX11 to playing. To change it to OpenGL, you need to go to your steam library, click playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, choosing "Launch with OpenGL", and remember save your game in the end. After that, when you starting MP again, problem might fix. Kind Regards, Air Canada
  11. Hi Zaka1999, SCS just update their ETS2 today, now the newest ETS2 version is, but TMP only support version, so you need to downgrade you ETS2. For more information, see this article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26 Please choosing the "temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods" instead of "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" while you choosing version, because TMP have not update this article yet. Kind Regard, Air Canada
  12. Hello assi19888, In TruckersMP rules, it is not allowed to using the F9 quick moving because it might causes accidents. The Game Moderator might allowed using other ways to making quick moves, but as a player, you can only using your garage system or quick moving in limited areas in singleplayer and then back to multiplayer to get a similar effect. The reason you saw someone suddenly came out is they closed game (must multiplayer) there and get online later, at that time they have ghost mode to keep their safety. Kind Regards, Air Canada
  13. 你好,因为我非法安装卡车配件,导致被禁,禁令的要求我删除并提起上诉,我也删除了,也上诉了。等了3天,但管理员一直不回复我。我该怎么办

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  14. Well, from the info I know, many people believes it will release about the Christmas
  15. Usually it will release before Christmas, but it is actually TruckersMP's decision, they will let you know when they wants you know.
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