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  1. I solved it! After trying all ideas here, I decided to do some own digging (which I should have done at the start) and eventually found the problem after a few hours. Apparently, there were some issues when I traded in my old truck for the new. It didn't have anything to do with the new truck, but the old truck made the game flip out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Either way, I hot fixed it by selling my truck instead of trading it in, and now I can save the game! I want to thank for everyone's help on this topic, and it gave me some new insights! So this topic can now be moved to solved?
  2. Hi @MHT_ I just double checked that it ain't synced to steam cloud, and it ain't. I already tried manual saving it, many times. But it still doesn't save. I downloaded a save from ets2.lt and ran it. And then it saved no problems. As I said in my original post it only doesn't save when I purchase a new truck, so I don't know what is causing it.
  3. @Happy Trucking ETS2 I must agree that this is a tricky one. What you said to test if it was the installation or savegame I did. I copied my savegame onto a flash drive and then went to my other pc and started it up there on the save. But I still couldn't save, after I enabled console on the other pc I checked and it is still the same error message. So I guess this rules out the installation, so it must be the savegame? How do you edit a savefile? Better to try than not I guess... Either way; Thank You for trying to help me, appreciate it!
  4. Hi @Happy Trucking ETS2! I tried dismissing every one of my drivers, so there were only me left. But still it didnt work. I then tried putting myself with no truck, but still no... I will reinstall mp in case something got bad. Edit: Reinstalled now, but still it doesnt save, it continues to display that same error message in the console.
  5. Hello @Happy Trucking ETS2 I have 7 drivers including myself, so 6 other drivers. I don't really understand what you mean by "is dismissing the driver that uses a truck that is in your possession. Or driving that truck yourself" What driver should I fire you mean? I´ll attach a screenshot of the hub "my drivers" I don't know if you can help me by such a pic. Sorry if I don't understand (sorry for low quality, the file upload restriction)
  6. Hello! I followed your guide and came up with this message after trying to save. (See image) Any idea how to fix? Or should I try @MrJonton01 [GER] ´s suggestion of reinstalling the game? Thanks
  7. Hello! Sound like a plausible idea, but the thing is that I don't have any active mods on my mp profile. It was created from scratch and haven't had a single mod active on that profile, on my second profile for sp I have a few mods active, but they shouldn't interfere with each other? Thanks for everyone trying to help!
  8. It stays the same, it's like after I bought a truck it refuses to save. Doesn't matter if I overwrite old save or if I create a new save file, or autosaving.
  9. My MP profile is not synchronized with the steam cloud, I have it local. Should I connect it to the steam cloud?
  10. Hello, fellow Truckers! I have been playing mp for a while and not had a single problem, but today I tried purchasing a new truck. I configured it as I wanted and it said: "purchase complete". Then I went to save it, to head for work. When I came back home I fired up mp and my profile. But it didn't show my new truck. I then bought the truck again, without customizing. When I went to save I made sure it saved, but it didn't. I restarted the game and could then save without buying a truck. But if I purchased a truck, it didn't save. I tried purchasing a trailer, and then I could save. But new truck no save. I read a few old topics here and tried some of their suggestions. Disable Antivirus, Run as administrator, clear cache. But it still didn't work. All help is appreciated Drive safe!
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