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  1. The music types I listen the most to are Pop & EDM. When hauling on ATS, some Country isn't wrong at all
  2. My favourite games must be Euro Truck Simulator 2, Counter Strike : Global Offensive & Farming Simulator 22.
  3. Was a few days since ive been winning, so time for it again.
  4. Happy birthday Smoky!

    Enjoy your day  🥳🎉:HaulieLove:

  5. No one is going to comment the lag shown in that video? Then I will But I'm happy over the progress of TMP, looking forward to the future!
  6. As Fernando said. If you wish to drift, go into single-player or convoy mode. Activate physics like normal and drift like no tomorrow. I agree, it's fun. But it's not fun when you crash into someone. Which is more than likely you will do. You can crash how much you want in single-player . Just dont do it in TMP.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean, we have automatic parking. You have to choose in settings like Ricky said, Easy, Difficult, Random or Choose. If you press choose, you can select automatic when you're delivering I believe.
  8. I like everything with the games, from the activity it has from players, to the calming nature of driving wherever you please to the constant updates from SCS. Allround great games
  9. I don't know tbh, On one side, I like them because it will hopefully increase the TMP player base, which can hopefully increase the activity on the servers. But this depends if they add the busses on Sim 1/2 or if they have a new server for buses. But on the other hand, I don't like it because it's a truck game. Not a general transport game. So it kind of feels like buses are not suited for it. But I'm hopeful TMP will introduce it the right way
  10. I don't know if people have heard about it, but my favourite snack when playing games is Daim.
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