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  1. 3 Days for 3 funny Events.... Welcome to the party !!!
  2. Hey... many trucks reach 172 Kmh on flat road, with 10 Tons, and since many years now, on Arcade, arcade Promods & solo to... you just change the Gear box with a long torque such as 3.25 (not with a short powerful torque such as 3.85), with Scania 730 HP or Volvo 750 HP also. So indeed, no need a new server, the arcade are enough (just careful with downhill on road, to not lose the delivery beyond 180 Kmh).
  3. Thank you for listening to the community... 1_ Why did I choose the racing mode ??? simply because since 2019 I stopped playing racing simulations (Need for Speed, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars or F1 GP), I much preferred the feeling of speed with a truck and deliver trailers without accidents and damages... I think you understood my reasons now ??? (a way to play) 2_ BUT... between 2019 & 2020, I was in the management of a French company (RTE) and I was playing in Role Play, with all the rules & speed limits (with only 1 infraction at 101 Km/h)... What I wanted to say is that when I go on convoys in Role Play, I play and respect all the rules applied TMP, because I also like this way of playing, and I respect it totally, and without being pretentious, I am also known to be someone who respects the RP rules... so I have 2 ways of playing on ETS & TMP. (My information given is factual and verifiable on my TB logs, just in case) Thanks for reading and have a good trip friends, keep & stay safe !!! Best & King Regards to TMP Team...
  4. Reported tomorrow Sunday (March 27) at 12:00 !!!!
  5. A very great idea, for sure & so exciting indeed... Thx so much & salutes from France.
  6. Idée absolument addictive à cette journée spéciale avec 4 routes, et tout ça entre nous, avec toujours la même passion.... le camionnage !!! Un grand merci à l'équipe TruckersMP ?? Salutations (SPARTA 33)
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